Build Your Own Dreams

Atlanta, GA, United States of America

Atlanta, GA
United States of America

About Us

Build Your Own Dreams (BYDO) is a Philanthropic Record Label and Creative Marketing Agency founded in 2020 by founders Erinn Knight and Brandon Boone. Their separate dreams brought them together for a common goal of empowering creatives to build their own dreams through ownership. We are passionate about equipping creatives with the knowledge and resources to leverage their careers beyond the music industry.

We are the independent label of the new age. specializing in label servicing, branding, digital marketing, brand management, and experiential events. We exist to push the culture forward.


Scotty ATL, Derek Minor, Saint Beauty, Bobby Valentino, 4G Auto, WHATUPRG, Kaleb Mitchell, Aaron Cole

Deep Eddy Vodka, PBR, Airbnb, A3C, SXSW, Spirit Airlines, ASCAP, God is Dope, Guyaki, Rapzilla, Ragtrade Atlanta, Grillz By Scotty, Reflection Music Group