Come Play With Me

Leeds, United Kingdom

United Kingdom

About Us

Come Play With Me aims to offer artist development opportunities to those making music within Yorkshire.

Its first project is a ‘singles club’ – releasing split 7” vinyl aiming to showcase the most exciting artists from Yorkshire alongside a few surprises along the way. With a mix of the new and more established across all genres, it will be demonstrating the awesome diversity of great music coming out of this part of the world.
As well as introducing audiences to some exciting new music, there’ll also be opportunities to attend launch events with some special performances and interviews with some of the artists performing.
Even better – Come Play With Me has been set up as a Community Interest Company, a social enterprise that reinvests all profits to identify ever more exciting talent from this part of Yorkshire and help them on the road to getting their music out to a wider audience.
David Gedge, frontman of Cinema/The Wedding Present, featured on our first single release states: “Having been born in Leeds the city is always going to have a special place in my heart even without its rich musical heritage. When Cinerama were invited to contribute to the singles club I was keen to be involved, especially since we’re going to be on the first release. If I’m honest it’s also very flattering that the club is named after one of The Wedding Present’s ‘Hit Parade’ singles, even though I stole the title myself from a 70s soft porn film! Maybe that’s the cyclical nature of pop culture! Anyway…it’s great to be releasing something alongside our friend Harkin.”