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Sherman Oaks, CA, United States of America

Sherman Oaks, CA
United States of America

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Crunch Digital launches beta version of Tempo, a groundbreaking online tool for instantly identifying tracks available under existing music licenses

Crunch Digital's patent-pending online platform Tempo is an industry game-changer, providing the first one-stop solution to a litany of problems that plague companies and services who have catalog licensing deals in place, yet have trouble determining which tracks they can or cannot use.

About Us

Crunch Digital’s mission is to make it easier to identify the music that is available under existing licenses, expedite curation based on licensed music, identify rights owners for licensing outreach, eliminate the barriers of music licensing and payments, ultimately fueling better revenue flow and reducing operating costs through streamlined workflows.

Crunch Digital is an independent technology firm based in Los Angeles, California with a long pedigree in the media & entertainment industry. We offer a full suite of solutions and services to provide a simple, affordable, compliant and a reliable way to use music content. We support content owners – including record labels and music publishers – by managing the flow of data to and from digital services and other licensees. We also manage data flow for content licensees – digital service providers, multi-channel networks, game companies, app developers and mobile carriers – including royalty reporting and payments.

Only Crunch Digital combines a revolutionary rights management and curation console, with a proven content licensing workflow with trusted relationships with content owners. Our data partnerships with major and independent music publishers covers over 85% of all U.S. music song interests, and our content is updated weekly to keep you in tune with the market.

Crunch was founded in 2008 and became a new division of Entertainment Council in 2013.  Crunch’s leadership team brings deep experience and strong relationships. In 2016 we started the process to create the Crunch Digital Sandbox program. In 2020 we started to build TEMPO and its full commercial release is expected in Fall 2022.  It has long been a vision of our founder Keith Bernstein to create adaptable music rights management tools for innovators and established companies to build new products, create new features, and take full advantages of the music licenses that they already have, plus identify the music licenses that they need.

What makes Crunch Digital so different? Other companies talk about building music solutions, we actually have them.


Sherman Oaks, CA
Sherman Oaks, CA
United States of America