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Eventual wins the Innovation Award at PRO Gaala 2022

Eventual is the winner of the Innovation category at PRO Gaala 2022, an award ceremony that spotlights the most promising projects and professionals in the hospitality industry in Finland.


Eventual is one of the nominated finalists of Pro Gaala 2022

“Eventual connects the event industry - venues, restaurants, clubs, hotels or cafes - with performers and audiences in a whole new way”


Reset the stage: How Eventual is changing the model of live events

Almost two years later, we look into the future intrigued by the following question: how will people consume culture from now on? In a time where the industry is getting back to in-person events, do we want to return exactly in the same way? That was one of the motivations behind Eventual, a platform that is changing the model of live events by providing more power to audience members.


The Finnish crowdfunding platform, Eventual, aims to revolutionise the live event industry

"We now pilot the service across Finland, but we want to be an international player. This service has tremendous potential from the perspective of performers, event producers, gig sellers as well as consumers. In our view, consumers will be even less interested in physical products in the future, so more time and money are likely to be spent on events and culture"


Eventual at Web Summit 2021: How tech can improve the way we experience live events?

After an intense week in Lisbon, we are back in Helsinki, inspired by the latest trends in tech that can help develop a more sustainable and thriving ecosystem for the live events industry.

“I love art because it gives you a lot of tools to express yourself, in a way that it’s not straightforward” - Interview with Noitakallio

Our very first crowd-led event is happening on the 2nd of December at Korjaamo Kino, Helsinki. We chatted with multidisciplinary artist Noitakallio about what we can expect from this exciting event - Lintumiehen Tarina - and how Eventual played a key role in making all this happen.

About Us

Our interconnected world has never seemed smaller than it does today. We feel closer to the performers, speakers and artists that we care about more than ever before. Yet, when it comes to attracting those same talents to our local stage, nothing has changed.

The simple factor driving this division is the risk. Risk of not generating the desired hype. Of performing to empty seats. Of losing money. This hurts everyone – curators, promoters, venues, performers and ultimately the audience. The result is an unrewarding event landscape that plays it safe instead of celebrating the diversity of experiences – a landscape dominated by the mainstream.

We believe that diversity is the very lifeblood of our industry. The very thing that keeps it fresh and exciting. Eventual was created for this reason. Our platform takes the risk out of a risky business, by handing over the decision making to the crowd.

Through crowdfunding, ticketing and venue booking, we empower anyone, anywhere to set up the events they want. Bold, crazy, ground-breaking or the most recognised superstars on the planet, we leave that up to you. If your event excites the crowd, it happens. If it doesn’t, no one spends a dime. On to the next. That simple. Stop settling for the expected.

Key Personnel

Miia Khan

Founder and CEO

Inês Carvalho

PR & Communications


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