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Exceleration Music announces the addition of new executives, including Darin Soler as Head of Global Marketing & Commercial Partnerships

Exceleration Music, the global music venture founded by leading indie sector executives Glen Barros, John Burk, Charles Caldas, Amy Dietz, and Dave Hansen for the purpose of investing in independent labels and developing their legacies, today announced the appointment of Darin Soler as its Head of Global Marketing & Commercial Partnerships.

About Us

Exceleration Music is a partnership of global music industry leaders who have come together to invest in the future of independent labels and artists. Exceleration offers personalized solutions to entrepreneurs seeking capital to achieve growth as well as those trying to achieve liquidity or an honorable exit — preserving and enhancing the legacies of both the entrepreneurs and their artists alike. To date, Exceleration has strategic relationships with Alligator Records, Candid Records and the Ray Charles Foundation.


Whether discovering, developing and marketing successful artists, running distribution and direct-to-fan businesses, growing music labels across a myriad of genres or building global companies at the forefront of the digital revolution, the Exceleration team of Glen Barros, Dave Hansen, Amy Dietz, John Burk and Charles Caldas have a successful track record in just about every aspect of the independent recorded music business.

We understand what it means to be a music entrepreneur; the unique culture, the passion, the pride, the values, the music, the vision and the remarkable history of the sector runs deep in the history of each of the partners.

Exceleration was formed to invest in the future of independent labels and artists.

We are taking a values-led approach to investment and acquisition and are dedicated to preserving and enhancing the legacies of labels and artists we work with, building a future focused on growing the value of their rights.

Many labels and artists are currently seeking to monetize the value of their rights, either by way of an exit or by reinvesting in growth. Exceleration offers those seeking an exit a credible home, working with people who fundamentally understand the values and the culture of the sector. For those looking to grow, Exceleration will create efficiencies and optimize the global monetization of their rights, helping them better navigate the fast-changing, competitive  market so they can continue to develop new music.

We understand the importance of offering flexible, tailored solutions built around the unique needs of individual companies.

Unlike other investment strategies that seem to be coldly rolling up rights in order to flip them or to add market share to already overcrowded rosters, we are focused on working openly and fairly with a selected group of companies and artists who we know we can add value to, whose cultures we understand and whose founders can work with us to ensure their legacies will be protected and enhanced. Our success will be measured in those terms.

We are proud to be launching Exceleration working with the music of three culturally significant entities that encompass that spirit of excellence, integrity and passion. Our investments in the landmark Chicago blues label Alligator Records and venerable jazz label Candid Records, along with our strategic partnership with the Ray Charles Foundation are the first steps in our journey to build a world-class independent music company providing a true home for independent music, based on our core founding values of integrity, fairness, openness, and excellence.