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Social audio platform Logcast launches Non-Fungible Memories, world's first spoken audio NFTs

The new feature allows anyone with a smartphone to create voice-based NFTs with just one-click; you simply record your voice, add a picture and title, set a price and list them for sale as limited-edition digital collectibles, coined by Logcast as “NFMs” or “Non-Fungible Memories”. 


Social audio platform Logcast rolls out $UPERLOGS, new monetization tool for creators

Social audio platform Logcast has launched its first monetization tool for creators, giving them the ability to charge fans directly for access to exclusive content on the app. The payment feature, called $UPERLOGS, allows Logcast creators to share paid-only audio content with their community, charging listeners directly to access exclusive clips like news and announcements, educational tutorials, early previews, and private conversations.


Social Network For Audio Creators, Logcast, To Launch Globally

Logcast launches their highly-anticipated app globally, which will reconstruct the way audio creators create, monetize and distribute their content — offering one-tap audio creation, unlockable fan experiences, and next-gen monetization tools like spoken audio NFTs (non-fungible tokens).


Music Execs Back Social Audio Network Logcast as Company Eyes US Launch

Social audio network Logcast today announces that it has received new investment from American entertainment stars and music executives ahead of its launch into the US market next month. 


How Music Artists Can Earn Money with Spoken Word NFTs

Heard of spoken-audio NFTs? Here's how artists can earn money with them.

How to make money as a content creator in 2022

Social audio platform Logcast rolls out $UPERLOGS, it's new monetization tool for music artists and creators.

The Future of Podcasting is Social: And Everyone Can Make It Profitable

Audio-first social networks want to change the way we connect through short-form audio clips, giving conversation and monetization tools to audio creators.

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Logcast is a social network for audio creators and their fans. The app makes it easy to create, share and monetize spoken audio content. Creators can build an audio community in the app and earn money directly from their most engaged listeners. Fans have a place to connect, talk and co-create. You can collaborate on discussions with friends and like-minded community members.