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Mojo Music & Media acquires trove of classic catalogs

Mojo Music & Media has announced new catalog acquisitions which collectively represent 30 chart hits spanning seven decades, from the 1950’s through the 2010’s. The deals, done with 2022 Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame inductee Warren Cuccurullo, Teddy Sky, Bruce Belland, Omar Lyefook, Anthony Improgo and Blake Healy, include rights to such era and genre defining songs as Missing Persons’ “Destination Unknown,” Duran Duran’s “Ordinary World,” Jennifer Lopez’ “On The Floor,” The Four Preps’ “26 Miles (Santa Catalina),” Omar’s “There’s Nothing Like This” and Metro Station’s “Shake It.”

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uploaded by Mojo Music & Media

“I Can’t Wait” in Young Rock

  • Artist(s) Nu Shooz
  • Composer(s) John Smith
  • Publisher(s) Nu Shooz Orchestra LLC, Songs of Mojo, LLC
  • Release Date 23rd Feb 2021
  • Director Daina Reid
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Episode 2 of Young Rock on NBC titled “On the Road Again” featured Nu Shooz’s “I Can’t Wait!” The episode is streaming now on Peacock TV and Hulu. The scene is about 15 minutes in – “Dwayne walks into the cafeteria, looking for Fine Ass Karen to ask her on a date; he has a short conversation with the principal, again, about how he is not a narc, then proceeds to Karen’s table”

uploaded by Mojo Music & Media

Chasing After You – Ryan Hurd & Maren Morris

  • Artist(s) Ryan Hurd & Maren Morris
  • Composer(s) Brinley Addington, Jerry Flowers
  • Publisher(s) Addingtone Music, Songs of Mojo One
  • Release Date 12th Feb 2021
uploaded by Mojo Music & Media

Delmer’s “Boom Shake” in Shameless

  • Artist(s) Delmer
  • Composer(s) Neil Medley, Andrew Petroff, Aaron Raitiere
  • Publisher(s) Songs of Mojo, LLC
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Episode 5 of Shameless season 11 features Delmer’s “Boom Shake” that was co-written by our own Neil Medley. The scene is “Frank finds a box of poop from his neighbor Terry. Frank then spots a dead dear.”

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Mojo Music & Media is a next generation music rights company, offering both best-of-breed music publishing and custom full-service brand and legacy marketing for a select group of the most iconic songwriters and musicians in the world and their contemporary counterparts.

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Nashville, TN
437 E Iris Drive
Nashville, TN
United States of America