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Republic Network and Rockstar Games reach an agreement to include two Tokischa’s songs in "The Contract" by GTA Online

Republic Network has reached an important agreement with gaming giant Rockstar Games, a synchronisation deal involving GTA, one of the industry's most popular video games, and Tokischa. 


Leo RD visits Spain

Leo RD, the Dominican producer specialized in dembow and urban rhythms traveled to the European continent accompanied by Republic Network.


Tokischa included in Foundry’s class of 2021

YouTube Music's Foundry is a project designed to support emerging artists from around the world. Its class of 2021 is the largest to date.


“Santos”, the single that joins El Fother and Rob $tone

“Santos”, a single promoted by Republic Network, puts Santo Domingo’s neighbourhoods and streets in the spotlight.


10 tips for sending a press release

Sending a press release is one of the fundamental and essential steps of any communication strategy. Find out how to do it here.

Music industry glossary: ​​The Acronyms You Should Know

In this music industry glossary you will find the main organizations that are in charge of protecting your rights as an artist.

YouTube Shorts: best practices for artists and labels

YouTube Shorts can help you promote your next release, find out the benefits of its application in new music release strategies here.

How to make money with your music: Amazon Music

Amazon Music is one of the streaming platforms where you should control your digital presence, find out how and why here.

Google Ads, how and what are they used for?

Google Ads, Google's online advertising program, allows you to create campaigns with very specific objectives targeted to a very specific audience.

Spotify for Artists: how to get it and how to use it

Spotify for Artists is a free analytical tool that offers you very interesting advantages to boost your career.

Instagram filter: how and why create one?

An Instagram filter can act as an excellent promotional tool, find out how to get the most out of one in this article.

Official Artist Channel: how to get it and how to use it

YouTube gives artists the ability to have an Official Artist Channel, read on to find out why you should have one.

2K Games and SoundCloud Partner Up for Annual 2K Beats: The Search Campaign

2K Games and SoundCloud have teamed up in the 2K Beats: The Search campaign to find the artists who will create the NBA 2K22 soundtrack.

Sync license and how it works

A sync license can be a very interesting source of income, but you have to pay attention to some details. Find out more in this article.

TIDAL changes its royalties policy

TIDAL, the music streaming platform, has announced a new royalty distribution model based on user listening.

Spotify playlists: everything you need to know

Spotify playlists should be part of your promotion plan, in fact, they can be the key to success. Find out why and how to use them here.

Music ads on social media, how can you make the most out of them?

Music ads on social media can be the great ally you need to make your music known, read on and find out how.

Contract: the small print you should not overlook

Signing a contract is an important step in your career, but do you know which clauses to pay special attention to?

YouTube Shorts, a new way to create short-form content

Through its format of short vertical videos, YouTube Shorts will allow you to connect with new audiences.

5 useful tips for streaming

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4 YouTube tips for planning releases

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6 tips for writing a good biography

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How music works on YouTube

We are going to talk about how music works on YouTube, especially its recommendation system, and what you can do to improve your presence.

5 reasons why you need good photos

Having good photos when you are part of the music and entertainment industry is essential, if you don't know why, find out here.

10 tips to survive your first tour

Are you about to face your first tour? Take a look at our 10 tips that will help you survive and get the most out of the experience.

How to make money with your music: Twitch

Twitch is the leading streaming platform in the world and, although gaming is still the main protagonist, music is gaining more and more presence.

How to make money with your music: TikTok

TikTok is undoubtedly the social platform of the moment. If you want to know how to get the most out of it for your music, keep reading.

How to make money with your music: Patreon

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How to make money with your music: Content ID

Content ID is YouTube's software system that allows creators to track potential copies of their work on the platform and monetise them.

How to make money with your music: SoundCloud monetisation

SoundCloud monetisation is another interesting and easy way to earn income from your music, find out how here.

How to make money from your music: royalties, part 2

Royalties feature in the second chapter of "How to make money from your music", this time focusing on who is entitled to them and what the processes are for claiming them.

How to make money from your music: royalties, part 1

Royalties open our series of "How to make money with your music" with a chapter dedicated to explaining what they are, how many types there are and what each one consists of.

About Us

The company

Republic Network is a technology company with offices in EstoniaSpain, the Dominican Republic and Colombia, endowed with a highly qualified professional team in different sectors of the music and entertainment industry.


  • YouTube Channel Management

Managing your own YouTube channel, apart from being a tedious task, takes up a lot of valuable time that would be better spent creating content. At Republic Network we have our own Multi-channel Network, classified by YouTube within Pillar A (the highest rank given by the company), obtaining a higher CPM than the market average, which translates into greater monetization. 

This is possible thanks to the work of our professionals, experts in channel optimization and verified by the YouTube Certification Program. We keep channels as healthy as possible through processes such as resolution of ownership conflicts by our Content Management and Copyright team, achieving Official Artist Channels and, most importantly, increasing revenue due to improved rates such as YouTube Ad Revenue, RPM or CPM.

We use our own YouTube CMS, featuring Content ID technology. From Content ID we can identify videos that include content for which we manage the copyright. To do this, we send YouTube a reference copy of the content, so that when a match is detected, we can monetize, block or track the video in question.

  • Google Ads campaigns for YouTube

YouTube has become the world’s favorite window and, unlike other websites, users visit the platform solely for the purpose of consuming videos. At Republic Network we are Google partners and we have advanced knowledge in Google Ads thanks to our Account Strategist who is officially certified by the platform. We create and optimize your video campaigns by targeting the right audience based on: tastes, interests, ages, countries, searches and consumption intentions.

We target your video campaigns to YouTube and Google’s video partners, reaching consumers at the most important times. With a variety of targeting types at your disposal, such as remarketing lists, demographics, interests and locations, you can reach specific audiences and niches based on who they are, their interests and the content they view.

Contact us for more information.

Our video campaign service is independent from other services. We can work on your campaigns without the need to contract other services.

  • Worldwide Publishing

We offer a worldwide publishing service, being able to register your work in the main Collective Management Organizations of the five continents, such as: ASCAP, BMI, MLC, SOCAN, PRS for Music, BUMA/STEMRA, SGAE, LATINAUTOR, KODA and CAPASSO, among others. We manage and claim all existing performance, mechanical, synchronization, lyrics and cover song royalties, protecting our clients’ property rights on the legislative, regulatory and litigation fronts.

  • YouTube Publishing

At Republic Network we also have a YouTube publishing service and we can claim the various songwriting royalties thanks to our YouTube Publishing CMS. We take care of providing songwriting participation assets and claiming mechanical, performance, sync or lyric royalties collected through the YouTube ecosystem.

  • Synchronization licenses

Republic Network can help you to get your work on television, movies, advertising, video games and other audiovisual content. If you are interested, ask us about our synchronization license management service.

  • Music distribution

The digital environment is constantly evolving, which often makes it difficult to keep up with the latest platform developments. If needed, we can distribute your catalog on all streaming platforms on the market. In addition, we also collect digital performance royalties for sound recordings and represent the collective rights of artists and master rights owners for non-interactive use of sound recordings.

Key Personnel

Jorge Gálvez

Co-CEO & Chief Operating Officer (COO

Enrique Villa

Co-CEO, Chief Operating Officer (COO) & Region Manager at North America & Caribe

Jose Cortés

Project Supervisor

Ronald Castillo

Developer at Republic Network

Luis Santos

Digital Marketing Manager & Chief of Communications

Esteban Vahos

Financial Manager at Republic Network

Vanessa Velez

Head of Content Management & Copyright

Catherine Rodriguez

Copyright and Conflict Resolution Specialist

Carlos Ituiño

Region Manager at Iberia

Dennis Sepak

Region Manager at Colombia & Andean Region