The Ranch Production House

Nursling, United Kingdom

United Kingdom

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The Ranch Production House announces ‘Pay What You Can’ autumn sessions

The Home Of Breakout Records From Creeper, Boston Manor, Milk Teeth, Conjurer, Employed To Serve, Cold Years, Puppy and many more.

About Us

The Ranch is a modern, dual studio based in rural Nursling, Hampshire close to Southampton and with excellent links to London, Brighton, Portsmouth and beyond via the near by junctions with M3/M27.
Studio A – ‘The Black Lodge’. Huge, airy live room stocked full of great back line and vibe. Newly developed control room featuring Vintage Neotek console and some beautiful front end including Neve, API, Great River and Empirical labs.
Studio B – ‘The Ranch’. Large, daylight control room and mix space with smaller tracking and overdub room. This studio features great outboard from Shadowhills, Maag, Empirical labs etc plus some great front end and Neve summing.
Available to both studio for no extra price is access to our huge array of backline (this is ever changing so check for further details) currently featuring DW, Yamaha maple, Sonor and Mapex Drums not to mention an entire cupboard full of snare options. For bass we have Ampeg SVT and 8×10 plus the occasional treasure (currently a vintage Ampeg portaflex). For guitarists we have an array of amps and cabs inc Badcat, Mesa Dual Rectifier, Marhall JCM 800, Fender Bassman and Orange OTR heads, Blackstar, Orange and vintage Marshall cabs PLUS loads and loads of guitars and basses to experiment with!
Bookings require non-refundable deposit to confirm dates. Get in touch for pricing and availability.
For further info get in touch or shoot us an email


United Kingdom