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London, United Kingdom

United Kingdom

About Us

through the noise began in the first lockdown of 2020, when many were despairing for classical music.

Despite everything, we noticed some encouraging signs: classical streaming rocketed, especially amongst young people; BBC Radio 3 ratings were up; and live streams from orchestras and opera houses were drawing huge audiences. Classical music, against the odds, was reaching more people, in new and diverse ways.

We decided that this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be part of rebuilding our industry to be more positive, inclusive and outward-looking.

There’s a lot to be positive about already. The best musicians in the world play in London every day, often in innovative and accessible formats and venues, and tickets are cheap (if you know where to look).

But very few people are aware of what’s on offer, and many assume live classical music is unwelcoming, expensive and boring. Even once you have decided to go to a concert, it’s easy to have a bad experience. Not all concerts are for everyone: it takes time, knowledge and research to work out what you’ll enjoy.

through the noise works to solve this by doing two things:

  1. things to go to. We connect audiences to the best live music, clearly explain what concerts are going to be like, and find affordable tickets.

  2. noisenights. We produce events that embody our vision for the future of live classical music.

We believe that, if we do these two things successfully, we can build a positive future for live classical music.


United Kingdom