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How to make money with your music: SoundCloud monetisation

SoundCloud monetisation is another interesting and easy way to earn income from your music, find out how here.

Until now, our “How to make money with your music” series has focused exclusively on royalty-related issues. Now it’s time to take it a step further and find out what other ways you can earn income. Have you heard about SoundCloud monetisation lately? Whether you have or not, you’ll want to read on to find out exactly what it is and how you can use it to your advantage.

1. What does SoundCloud’s monetisation consist of?

SoundCloud has always been considered an atypical case among streaming services. Until very recently, there were no ads or monthly fees. However, the platform recently launched a programme dedicated to creators whose aim is to allow them to monetise the content they upload to SoundCloud. How? Very easily, through advertisements. In addition, SoundCloud Goa subscription service with benefits such as ad-free and offline playback, has also been added.

This means that the revenue an artist can currently receive via SoundCloud comes from two sources: advertisements and subscriptions.

In the case of ads, the amount the artist receives depends on how much SoundCloud earns, while in the case of subscriptions, the fan-driven model operates. This is a very interesting and innovative initiative. If a user pays $10 a month and only listens to 5 artists, those 5 artists get an equal split of that $10. Obviously, after deducting SoundCloud’s own percentage. This means that the number of plays is not relevant. This is extremely important for independent artists. Of course, this model applies exclusively to artists who make use of SoundCloud’s monetisation through the PremierRepost and Repost Select programmes.

2. How can I enable SoundCloud monetisation? 

SoundCloud monetisation is activated very easily through your own profile. However, you should bear in mind that there are several modalities.

-Individual tracks: 

Once you have monetisation enabled in your profile, locate the track you want to earn revenue from. Click edit, go to the monetisation tab, activate it and enter all the metadata. Important: both the artist name and the ISRC (International Standard Recording Code) are required.

Fan-driven model: 

Artists can automatically participate in this mode through three programmes:

SoundCloud Premier: the monetisation programme for Pro Unlimited subscribers. Once you have enabled monetisation you will receive a notification asking you to join. The requirements for participation are as follows.

-Repost by SoundCloud: the monetisation programme for artists who want to reach fans worldwide and distribute their tracks across all music services. No requirements need to be met.

-Repost Select: a programme open only to selected Repost by SoundCloud subscribers by invitation.


If it was your record label or another distributor that set up monetisation on SoundCloud, the earnings will go to them. Don’t forget to claim them.

On SoundCloud you retain 100% of the rights to the music you monetise and you are free to publish it on any other platform.

3. What are the requirements for a track to be monetised? 

-Both the artist profile and the track itself must have monetisation enabled in the settings.

-The playback of the track must extend beyond 30 seconds.

-Playback of the track must occur in a monetisable territory, i.e. in countries where the platform is supported by advertisements.

-Playback of the track must occur through the SoundCloud web or mobile app. If it takes place on any other platform where there are no ads, it does not monetise.

-Only original tracks for which the artist owns 100% of the rights to are monetised.

-You must not have had any copyright disputes.

-You must be over 18 years old or the legal age in your country to earn income.

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