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How to make money with your music: Twitch

Twitch is the leading streaming platform in the world and, although gaming is still the main protagonist, music is gaining more and more presence.

In just two months, it will be two years since the spread of the coronavirus and the consequent global pandemic. A situation that completely changed the way entertainment is consumed. Although perhaps it would be more accurate to say that it accelerated a trend that was already present. We are referring, of course, to the absolute prominence of the online worldSocial networks and streaming platforms have experienced unprecedented growth in this last period. And Twitch, the giant of live broadcasts, has been no exception.

What is Twitch?

To find the origin of Twitch we must go back to 2007, when Justin Kan and Emmett Shear created the platform. A few years later, the Twitch subsidiary emerged and ended up taking control. And in 2014, Twitch was acquired for $ 970 million and incorporated into the conglomerate Amazon, Inc.

Twitch is, in essence, a platform designed by and for live broadcasts. It has all the necessary tools so that users can both make and watch live broadcasts. Access is completely free. In fact, while streaming is its gravitational axis, Twitch also has an on-demand option enabled. We are talking about millions of hours of content generated by millions of creators around the world in just one click.

Gaming was its main engine, and it continues to occupy a central role. However, little by little Twitch has diversified by adding sports, fashion, interviews, movies, series, socio-cultural analysis and, of course, music. According to official figures from the platform, during 2020 music content was among the top 15 genres.

How can content be monetized on Twitch?

In the previous block, we have pointed out that it is a free access platform, but that does not mean that there are no ways to monetize the content. In fact, Twitch offers its creators different methods to earn income.

There are two main systems: the affiliate system and the partner system. To be part of any of them you must meet some requirements. In the case of affiliates, having broadcast 8 hours during the last month (spread over 7 different days at least), having 50 followers and an average of 3 simultaneous viewers in the last month. In the case of partners, it is 25 hours in 12 days and 75 spectators.

What does Twitch offer you in return?

Be part of the subscription program. Users will be able to subscribe to your channel choosing between various levels of amounts. In return, they receive benefits such as access to exclusive content, ad-free content, emblems, custom emojis, etc.

Be part of the Bits program. This is the current currency within the platform. Users can buy them and send them to streamers, who receive 1 cent for each bit.

Be part of the sales program. Products associated with the theme will be sold on your channel. It is a system widely established in the gaming universe, where the streamer receives 5% of each sale made through this medium.

And, in addition to these forms of monetization offered directly by Twitch, as a creator you have access to others:

Donations: by integrating programs like Streamlabs.

Advertising: by integrating programs like Streamion.

Sale of merchandising.

Brand sponsorships.

Other benefits on Twitch

-It allows you to build a community involved and interested in your content.

-The bond with the audience is direct and immediate, which makes them feel part of the project and want to support it.

-As an artist you have a wide range of content to create: live performances, tutorials, rehearsals, presentation of songs / albums, talks, etc.

-Through the Soundtrack by Twitch tool, you can include your music in the platform’s playlists and stations. This means that your music can be used by any user, which will multiply your visibility. Of course, keep in mind that you are transferring your property.

-Twitch can be linked with Amazon Music.

-Monetization is one of the most efficient on the market in terms of the amount paid by the audience, the percentage that the creator receives and the percentage that stays with Twitch.

-Twitch must pay within 30 days after the end of the month.

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