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6 tips for writing a good biography

A good biography is a must if you want to stand out in the music and entertainment industry. Find out how to write yours here.

A few weeks ago we published a post dedicated to explaining why having good photographs is essential when you are part of the music and entertainment industry. We did so because we believe that it is one of the most common mistakes artists make without even realising it. And this brings us to what we consider to be another of the most common mistakes: not having a good biography. That’s why in today’s post you’ll find 6 tips for writing a biography that stands out.

1. Creativity 

As an artist, your biography should not be built solely around competitive criteria. However, it would be excessively naïve not to take your direct competitors into account when writing your biography. What we mean by this is that a good biography is one that stands out for its originality. Following the outlines and structures used by most artists is safe and easy, yes, but also incredibly boring. Those who read your biography are sure to read dozens, if not hundreds more. So what is your goal: to go unnoticed or to stand out from the crowd?

2. Conciseness 

It is normal to be proud of each and every achievement you have made in your personal and professional life. However, it may not be necessary to include them all in your biography. Some may not be interesting enough, some may be outdated, and some may be too repetitive. It is important that you choose wisely what you want to include in this text that introduces you to the world and what you want to leave out. Take your time, don’t rush, remember that a good biography can open many doors for you.

3. Honesty 

We are all guilty of having embellished a CV at some point in our lives. However, there is a clear difference between embellishing a bit of reality and inventing a completely different one. Honesty is key when writing a good biography: it is your cover letter. If people, audiences and industry professionals perceive that you are not being honest, they will consider you as an artist to be untrustworthy. It’s not that you don’t speak well of yourself, but that you do so in a frank manner.

4. Updating 

The biography you write at the beginning of your career cannot be the same biography you use when you have been in the industry for more than two decades. Mainly because you will not be the same person. What seemed relevant to you before may not be relevant now. The genres you liked may have changed and so may have your influences. And there may even be venues or labels you no longer want to be associated with. Also, updating your biography will help you adapt better to new times and new generations. Don’t forget that your biography will be used in articles, interviews, press releases, websites, etc. Giving professionals something interesting to work with will help you.

5. Balance 

You are who you are as an artist because you are who you are as a person and vice versa. Every biography should include personal details. Those little colourful notes that say something about where you come from, how you got here and what are the engines that drive you. But as the saying goes: too little is nice and too much is tiring. Your biography is not a dating site or a mere success story. There must be a good balance between your personal life and your professional life; something that should really apply to all levels of your existence.

6. Professionalism 

You may be an artist that is also gifted with the ability to write. But it may also be that it is not your best quality. Our recommendation in all cases is the same: ask a professional for help and advice. Send them a text to simply give you their opinion. Or ask them to take care of the whole writing process. It’s up to you. But, in our experience, the involvement of a professional who specialises in writing biographies ensures that the result will be good.

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