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4 YouTube tips for planning releases

In today's post, we'll be looking at some of YouTube tips for developing a top release strategy. Take a look.

Is your music and its quality important when it comes to distribution? Of course they are. However, the reality is that these can be seriously undermined by a misguided, or worse, non-existent release strategy. But don’t panic. We are fully aware that planning a release can be a very complex task. That’s why in today’s post we have collected the 4 most important YouTube tips to get the most out of your music.

1. Create a solid start with premieres

Why is it so important to plan a strong debut for your music? Because a strong first 24 hours can boost views for more than a week. And how can you do that? According to YouTube itself, through audio tracks, premieres, trailers and live performances.

Audio tracks: 

Even if your song has a video clip, it is important that on the day of release you also upload the audio track. According to YouTube statistics, songs that do this get more plays, listens and engagement among fans.


Turn the release of your track into an event with the use of premieres. These give you a preview page with a chat where fans can interact and create more hype around your release.

Don’t know how to create a premiere? It’s very simple. First upload the video you want to use and schedule it for publication at a later date – don’t forget to mark it as a premiere! Set a countdown and customise it to suit your brand image. Once everything is ready, it’s time for the promotion. Share the URL on all your social networks and YouTube community. In short, in all those places where you think it can be well received. And finally, remind your fans to set an alarm so they don’t miss it.


Add a trailer to your premiere page and tell fans what they can expect on the day of the premiere. Remind them of the date and urge them to save the date. If you’ve customised the premiere, do the same with the trailer so that one mirrors the other. And of course, check the preview to make sure everything is just the way you want it to be.

Live streams: 

Organise a live stream with your fans just before the premiere. YouTube has shown that sharing a personal moment with your followers and answering their questions helps to increase hype and, more importantly, to increase the number of first views. Can’t think of what to do during the live event? Tell your fans what you are going to launch, why they should stay to watch it or how it works. And just like you did with the premiere, promote and share the link to this sort of pre-show on all your social networks. What will you achieve with all this? Make the debut of your track a complete experience that captures the audience’s attention.

Once the premiere is underway, your work is not done. Another of YouTube’s tips is to be present – how? Through the chat. Once again, their data shows that the more you interact during the premiere, the more fans you and your topic will attract. Answer questions, respond to comments and enable chat replays so that latecomers feel part of the experience too. And remember to thank all the fans who shared this important moment in your career with you.

2. Increase the number of views with multiple videos

When the audience likes a song, they usually decide to watch it in different video formats. This is very important as it translates into a higher number of overall views of the song. In fact, according to a study of the top 1,000 artists on YouTube, 87% of the views came from the official music video, while the remaining 13% came from other types of content.

What does this mean for your release strategy? Once the premiere is published, it’s time to upload other video versions of your song: live performances, lyric videos, remixes, etc.

3. Connect with fans live

Another one of YouTube tips is to connect with your fans right after the launch as it helps to keep the momentum going. How can you do this? Experiment with different formats: live events, fundraising events, Q&A sessions, making of, etc. If you also want to make money, make use of merchandise or super chat stickers. Again, promotion is key. Include the link on all social networks both before and during the event. And even once the live event is over, you can share the highlights.

4. Reach more viewers with fan videos

Share videos that your fans have made featuring your song. This is a free way to ensure you expand the impact of your release by reaching new fans and increasing the total number of plays. How? First, encourage your fans to make their own videos using your music. It’s a good idea to talk to your team first to avoid any potential problems. Check out YouTube analytics to see which videos featuring your song are the most popular on the platform.

Then add all these videos to the same playlist hosted on your channel. And finally, thank all the fans who have posted these videos. This can be through the comments section or even through a video.

YouTube knows you put a lot of effort into creating your music, so follow their advice and make sure it gets the exposure it deserves.

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