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2K Games and SoundCloud Partner Up for Annual 2K Beats: The Search Campaign

2K Games and SoundCloud have teamed up in the 2K Beats: The Search campaign to find the artists who will create the NBA 2K22 soundtrack.

2K Games, a video game company that created the PGA Tour and WWE, and SoundCloud, a music streaming platform, have partnered up for  2K Beats: The Search campaign, with the  objective of finding  the artists who will create the soundtrack of the NBA 2K22 video game. An annual project that celebrates its third edition and this one is the first in which 2K Games and SoundCloud have decided to collaborate.

From November 17th to December 15th, emerging artists from all over the world have the opportunity to submit their creations. A unique occasion that could result in their song becoming part of the original NBA 2K22 soundtrack, one of the most demanded and influential sports video games on the market. Independent artists will therefore have access to a global audience of hundreds of thousands of basketball fans.

The process to participate is very simple. Given the partnership between 2K Games and SoundCloud, it can be done in two ways: from the web and from SoundCloud via the Pitch to Partners tab. You can send as many songs as you want, without any limit. After the deadline (December 15), the jury will select around 50 finalists. Afterwards, 2K Games will have the last word when it comes to choosing the lucky ones, a maximum of 20. All winners, in addition to having their song included in the NBA 2K22 soundtrack, will receive a cash prize of $2,000.

David Kelley from 2K Games says:

The NBA 2K soundtrack has evolved in recent years as a true platform for music discovery. […] By joining forces with SoundCloud, NBA 2K is looking to inspire these artists to create new music that has an impact. We have seen incredibly diverse and amazing talent uncovered through 2K Beats: The Search already, and we can’t wait to hear what’s next”.

Shauna Alexander of SoundCloud adds:

SoundCloud’s role in breaking music and connecting a young, diverse and influential community of artists and fans is unrivaled. […] 2K Beats: The Search offers artists on SoundCloud an incredible opportunity to reach a wider audience and engage with new fan bases. This is the perfect first of many opportunities to collaborate on expanding avenues for new music discovery”.

Requirements for 2K Beats: The Search, the collaboration between 2K Games and SoundCloud:

-Being a resident of the United States, Columbia, Australia, Belgium, Japan, Canada, China, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Mexico, the Netherlands, New Zealand, the Republic of Korea and Spain.

-Being 18 years old or the age of majority in the country of residence.

-Not being an employee of SoundCloud or 2K, or an immediate family member, or live with that person regardless of the degree of kinship.

-The song must last between 2 and 4 minutes and be totally original both in its composition and in its melody.

-The song cannot have participated in any other contest, promotion or exhibition. Nor have it been published or distributed on another platform other than SoundCloud.

-Those who have signed a contract (recording or publishing) or are part of any entity that has jurisdiction over the creation, recording or use of the song can not participate.

-More info:

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