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Instagram filter: how and why create one?

An Instagram filter can act as an excellent promotional tool, find out how to get the most out of one in this article.

It is true that TikTok is the social network of the moment, but its predecessors are far from not being relevant anymore. Instagram, for example, is experiencing one of its best moments. A situation that, on the one hand, can be very advantageous for artists, since the possibilities of exposure and visibility have never been better. But on the other hand can be overwhelming. Being present and taking advantage of the opportunities that all networks offer you seems like a full-time job. The important thing is to know what aspects and what strategies you should use as an artist when promoting your music on each of them. For this reason, we have dedicated this new article to the Instagram filter.

What is an Instagram filter?

An Instagram filter belongs to what today we have called augmented reality. There are, therefore, as many filters as your imagination: from the ones that we could classify as simple, which modify the parameters of brightness, contrast, saturation, color, lights, shadows, etc., to filters that change the appearance of the person portrayed by altering completely their facial features, passing through those that add elements such as freckles, hairbands, space or tropical backgrounds, and of course, music. As we said, there are no limits.

And the most interesting thing of  all is that they are public. Once you have created one, it will be available for any active user of the social network to use it.

How to create an Instagram filter?

The most common software to create an Instagram filter is Spark AR Studio, the official tool launched by Facebook for this purpose. A platform compatible with both Windows and Apple that anyone can use, and in which everything necessary to create as many filters as you want is available. Its operation is quite intuitive although it requires some knowledge. The more you know and the more experience you have, the greater the benefit you can get out of it. You will find many tutorials on the internet and, as we always recommend, go for trial and error. Although this is the official one, there are also other programs that you can use to create your own Instagram filter: PhotoShop, Illustrator, Blender, Canva…

There are of course a series of requirements by Instagram that you should take into account when creating a filter. The format must be .M4A, 44.1khz, mono, 4MB (maximum) and 15 seconds long.

Once you have created your filter and uploaded it to Instagram, it will take time for the platform to approve its use. There are no set dates, so it is recommended that you create it approximately one month in advance of the date you want to have it online.

Why use an Instagram filter to promote your music?

-The creation and launching of augmented reality campaigns on social networks are increasingly common.

-It is an innovative and dynamic communication.

-It falls within what is known as non-invasive organic advertising. This is due to the fact that its broadcasting uses the drive of your audience and fans as its engine. The traditional mouth-to-mouth communication but adapted to the new times.

-Instagram is one of the most used and best valued social networks.

-The relationship between scope and cost is unbeatable. The degree of reach you can get with an Instagram filter is practically unlimited while the cost is negligible.

Tips when using an Instagram filter:

-The fact that there are no limits when creating a filter does not mean that you should let yourself go completely. Do not forget that it is your artist profile. Your filter must suit both your brand and your musical proposal. The public should be able to recognize you and know what to expect from you.

-Another fundamental aspect to take into account is that entertainment is key on Instagram. If you want your filter to work, make sure it meets this requirement. How? Be original, create games, challenges, participatory dynamics that attract the attention of users.

-While the chances of viralization are very high, an initial promotion is necessary. Publish your own stories, encourage your followers to do the same, share the publications of those who do it, create a folder in highlights… You can even consider promoting and hiring an influencer to help with that initial push.

Join the filters and challenges that other artists start, you never know when you may need their support. Remember how important networking is in an industry like music.

-Whether your filter has a call to action or not, do not neglect the importance of your profile and the rest of the derived pages. You can create an absolutely spectacular filter but if the rest of your online presence does not correspond, it will be of no use.

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