[L-R] AJ Abram, SAM-R, LaMont.
The IMI 18th May 2022

Can a recording studio be built on community rather commerciality?

AJ Abram founded Stone Dime Music Group to connect the dots between independent players and boost the profile of emerging artists, particularly from underrepresented groups. A North London studio is the latest addition to his operation…

Stone Dime Music Group has opened a new recording studio in North London with a focus on community over commerciality.

Stone Dime Music Group was founded by former Spotify exec AJ Abram in 2000, initially as an artist management hustle before giving birth to a record label, events and content house.

Community is the key word for Abram, who struck a series of strategic partnerships with fellow indies to help find an audience for artists – particularly those from underrepresented groups and backgrounds.

As well as exchanging skills and services, Abram has also created a conduit for ideas and experiences through Stone Dime’s podcast Wise Up, which brings together emerging music founders such as Jason Ngimbi (Polarface), Sai Jogota (Duke), Kaiya Milan (The Floor) and Tope Bello (GRND Flr), with recognised industry veterans such as Cliff Fluet, Kwame Kwaten and Remi Harris MBE.

The recording studio is the latest addition to the Stone Dime stable and, again, community is at the heart.

"We're in an era where there are so many incredible upcoming artists that don't have the means or guidance to do this."

“I’ve always felt that my purpose is to build community around music. This is reflected in how I’ve approached my studio,” Abram tells The IMI. “Once I know what the artist’s goals and needs are, I’m happy to connect them with anyone in my network. I’m also happy to forfeit payment if the artist is able to trade a skill or service. For example, we had someone in recently for a full day session and, in exchange, he agreed to help make a promotional video for the studio.”

Early visitors to Stone Dime Studios include former Pride’s Got Talent winner LaMont – who is currently in the finals of Alpha Unsigned, with a £100,000 record deal at the end of it – and Manchester-based upcoming rapper SAM-R.

“We’re in an era where there are so many incredible upcoming artists that don’t have the means or guidance to do this,” Abram adds. “I hope to offer an affordable route for artists wanting to record their next single at a level that is commercially competitive.”