Logcast founders Johanan Hoof and Leni-Andronicos.
The IMI 14th Dec 2022

Logcast's Spotify integrations 'a massive opportunity for pay-per-stream content', with more major platforms in discussions

Logcast co-founder and CEO Leni Andronicos tells us why the company is obsessed with solving the problem of a disconnect between artists and millions of fans across streaming and social platforms...

At the end of November, voice streaming platform Logcast announced a new integration with Spotify that will provide a way for music artists to earn money on talk content from within the streaming giant.

In addition to sharing music, from January, artists will also be able to share short-form talk content with their listeners on Spotify – anything from album announcements to behind-the-scenes moments from the road or in the studio.

With the ability to lock individual ‘Logs’ behind a pay gate, and more than 456 million monthly listeners on Spotify, the integration is billed by Logcast as an additional revenue stream from artists’ most dedicated fans – with Logcast itself taking a 20% cut.

Speaking to The IMI following the announcement, Logcast’s co-founder and CEO Leni Andronicos revealed that the integration is being tested privately with select artists right now, and will roll out in the Nordics at the start of 2023 in collaboration with a major record label. She also said that the company is in discussions with other major streaming and social platforms for similar integrations.

She also hailed the Spotify partnership as an important milestone in helping artists earn more from their fans.

"Our new integration with Spotify is an important milestone in this mission of building better tools for creators to engage and monetise their fans on their own terms."

“Something we learned early from the artist community is that, while they have millions of listeners on streaming platforms and millions of followers on social, they don’t know who they are and they can’t build relationships with them directly,” she explained.

“Our team is obsessed with solving this problem, and our new integration with Spotify is an important milestone in this mission of building better tools for creators to engage and monetise their fans — on their own terms.”

Logcast began testing a number of direct-to-fan monetisation tools with select creators earlier this year, including a pay-to-stream offering called $UPERLOGS and a pay-to-own offering called NFMs (or “Non-Fungible Memories) – voice-based digital collectibles, taking cues from the crypto world, made to memorialise moments in the creative process. Artists can ‘mint’ their voice directly in the Logcast app, choose a price and sell them to their fans.

“We acted fast on early learnings from the artist community and began developing Logcast in a different direction,” said Andronicos. “We would become the first fully-interoperable voice streaming platform, allowing users to record in Logcast and share to every social or streaming platform. Artists retain full rights and ownership over recordings made via Logcast, and can distribute and monetise them everywhere.  Think of it like one default voice streaming service that allows you to focus on creating great content, not scaling your followers. Spotify is our first platform partner helping us bring this vision to life.

“Together with Spotify, we have identified a massive opportunity for pay-per-stream bonus content, like behind-the-scenes updates and special announcements.”