Ultra's Patrick Moxey.
The IMI 2nd Aug 2022

Paris next for Ultra’s growing global network of studios

With recording facilities in Los Angeles, London, Stockholm, Atlanta and (most recently) Liverpool, Ultra founder Patrick Moxey believes studios are still the best incubators for songwriters…

Ultra Music Publishing opened a new recording facility in Liverpool last month – the latest in a global network of studios that spans the US (Atlanta, Hollywood and Santa Monica), Sweden (Stockholm) and the UK (London and Liverpool).

That network is set to expand to France, with Ultra founder Patrick Moxey telling The IMI that the company will shortly open a new studio in Paris.

“We currently have 12 great songwriters signed in Paris who can use this as a base,” Moxey said when asked about his plans. “In particular, Trackstorm – who has three records on France’s biggest Top 40 station, NRJ Rotation, that he co-wrote and produced – and Montmartre, who’s a great artist and producer.”

Ultra Music Publishing is one of the leading independent publishers of electronic dance music, pop, hip-hop, jazz and reggae. It sits alongside a label group announced by Moxey in March this year, consisting of Payday Records – which celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2022 – and recently launched Helix Records.

"There’s no better way to build co-writes and songs than through a studio to help grow talent."

The group’s studio network has been positioned as a key A&R asset. As well as serving songwriters and musicians already represented by the companies, Ultra Studios Liverpool was earmarked as a hub for new talent discovery and development in the North of England when it was unveiled.

Moxey described the UK region as “an area that is still under-served when it comes to facilities of this kind”.

Expanding on the potential he feels the North of England has when it comes to talent discovery and A&R, Moxey told The IMI: “We publish Paul Woolford from Leeds, Solardo from Manchester and Camelphat from Liverpool. I’m 100% confident more great dance artists are bubbling in the North and we want to help them reach the wider world with our Helix label and Ultra Publishing companies. Having a studio on the ground in Liverpool gives upcoming local producers direct access to our global network.”

More broadly speaking, Moxey added: “I’ve always believed in building artists rather than songs. I think great artists will come up with multiple songs, and there’s no better way to build co-writes and songs than through a studio to help grow talent.”