Reeperbahn Festival

20th September 2023 City: Hamburg

From 20 to 23 September 2023, the Reeperbahn Festival programme will be combining a diverse line-up of new, international talent with the thematic diversity of a progressive music marketplace. All kinds of events are waiting to enthral and inspire fans, journalists and industry professionals across a multitude of venues. Since its début in 2006, the Reeperbahn Festival has developed into one of the most important gatherings for the music world and shows how a superabundant musical line-up can be allied with music business interests and civil society engagement.

As well as concerts by international artists, the festival schedule also includes performances from the fields of visual arts or virtual reality, and a thematically diverse film and literature programme. The central hub for this is the Festival Village on the Heiligengeistfeld. Sessions, showcases, networking events and award shows allow music industry professionals visiting the Reeperbahn Festival to think about, experience and listen to music in new ways.

This is particularly reflected, for example, in the Reeperbahn Festival Opening, which has current music-related and socio-political topics centre-stage with top-profile live acts and well-known guests from the worlds of music, entertainment and politics, or as the lead partner of the Keychange initiative, which campaigns for gender equality in music. The ANCHOR – Reeperbahn Festival International Music Award, bestowed by its four judges, is a major accolade for young bands and artists embarking on an international career and as a guide for fans and musicians looking for the best new music.

Due to the long-standing close ties of the internal staff of the Reeperbahn Festival with the music industry and the related creative industries, an always up-to-date, high-quality and diverse program is guaranteed. Ever since it started, the Reeperbahn Festival has focused clearly on these fundamental aspects with its diverse public programme put together by its own management team:

  • SUSTAINABILITY: Development of sustainable processes and formats of music creation and production
  • EQUALITY: Closing the gender gap and achieving gender equality at all levels of music culture and the music business
  • DIVERSITY: Constantly enabling diversity (in terms of gender and programme line-up) with the aim of creating cultural and living spaces free from prejudice and discrimination
  • TALENT FOCUS: Selective and sustainable promotion of talented people for the development and establishment of artistic and cultural identity value chains