The Index

The core of The IMI is its Index – an online directory of select independent music businesses. IMI member companies get their own page on the Index, which acts as a shop window where they can upload press releases, blog posts, upcoming events and their latest work. IMI membership is for busy, proactive independents who want to share their achievements with industry peers, support the indie music community and be part of the conversation.

The Newswire

The IMI Newswire takes press releases uploaded by member companies and creates a one-stop destination for the latest independent music industry developments. From new deals to new music, the biggest announcements will get top billing on The IMI homepage via the Newswire highlights feed. An IMI newsletter (coming soon) will make sure music insiders and commentators get a more varied diet of music business news, pointing them to important stories beyond the major conglomerates.

The Diary

IMI members have their own company diaries on the site where they can share their schedule of releases, gigs, conferences, parties or any other important events with the wider music industry. IMI readers can plan their year using the main IMI Diary, which collects key dates from all our member companies and plots them on one big calendar for the benefit of the whole music biz.

The Showcase

The Showcase section on a company page is the place for tracks, videos and syncs that represent the best of our members’ output. It’s a quick and easy way for indies to show-off the fruits of their labour and for potential partners to get a sense of what they’re all about.

IMI Editorial

All of this is bolstered by The IMI’s own original editorial, which endeavours to provide a platform for a wide variety of independent music operators. We don’t believe success is defined solely by chart position, you won’t find us dazzled by market share. In the modern music biz, independent achievements are diverse, nuanced and, often, incredibly personal. Each one deserves its time in the spotlight. From established labels and publishers, to manager/artist tag teams, to promoters providing early platforms for emerging talent, to truly DIY acts earning a living under their own steam. Regardless of size or stature, all are welcome on The IMI. You don't have to be big. You just have to be clever.

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