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30 Years of Key Production

To celebrate 30 years in the industry, Key Production has created a whole host of digital content to delve deep into the company's story.

Unit 41, Tileyard Studios, London, 6th July 2021 2020 marked the 30th anniversary of Key Production, a market leader in music manufacturing in the United Kingdom. Key has grown from nothing but a typewriter and a phone in the back office of a record label, to a national company with offices in three UK cities that have allowed them to build trusted relationships enabling Key to develop and maintain the highest quality service for their customers and clients.

Company founder and CEO Karen Emanuel remarked: “30 years?! It feels like yesterday that I left Rough Trade Distribution with a small redundancy and set up Key Production with little else but passion and determination. Key has journeyed through an ever-changing industry, via a few acquisitions and a joint venture to emerge older, wiser, and much, much bigger! There have been parties and music, tears and joy, good times and not so good times, successes, and failures. Many in the team have been here since the early days and have shared a lot of the journey with me. It is my team, past, present and future that I have to thank for making us into the company we are today with the values that we hold high.”

“Even after 30 years I still get a buzz of excitement when I see a beautifully packaged product, the hairs standing up on my arms when an artist blows me away and I still love learning new things from a business and world perspective. This last year has probably been the most challenging in my career but thanks to the staff, clients, suppliers and friends of Key we will emerge stronger.”

Like many events, Key Production Group’s 30th birthday ‘physical’ celebrations were cancelled due to the pandemic, BUT that isn’t stopping this vinyl, cassette and specialist packaging maker from celebrating an impressive 30 years in business! Indeed, today it launches #KEYPLAYBACK: a showcase of audio-visual content from the independent music scene at a time when music has never been more essential.

This year, Key Production has been busy creating an evocative online magazine (hosted on ISSUU) which features historical highlights, nostalgic images and filmed interviews (available to watch on YouTube) with current and past employees, some of whom will be familiar to the music industry community. The content is proof of the firm’s dedication to nurturing relationships – with both clients and its own team. In fact, most of Key’s staff of around 60 have worked there for over 20 years!

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