Absolute Label Services

Absolute Label Services reacquired by original leadership team

The UK company has seen recent revenue growth of 25%. Exciting projects from Kula Shaker, Alice Cooper, Busted and more on the horizon.

London, 17th July 2023

Absolute Label Services’ leadership team is excited to announce that it has regained ownership of the company.

Absolute’s original shareholders –  Henry Semmence, Simon Wills (the company’s founders), Debs Cutting and Mark Dowling –  have taken the decision to reacquire one hundred percent of the company from Utopia Music.

Absolute has recently seen significant growth, with revenues up 25% year-on-year across the business – including both its label services and neighbouring rights operations.

It has a number of exciting projects lined-up for the rest of the year and into 2024, from well-known names including Kula Shaker, Busted, James McVey (The Vamps), Kaiser Chiefs, Delta Goodrem and Tokio Myers, to emerging talents such as Barney Artist, edbl, Eljé and Frankie Stew & Harvey Gunn.

Absolute was acquired by Utopia in February 2022 but maintained its original, long-standing team, leading infrastructure and diverse client base. The company is one of the most established in its sector, having provided label services since 1998.

Semmence, Wills, Cutting and Dowling said: “Absolute’s management team is excited to announce our decision to move forward independently. The decision to revert the full ownership of the company, and to preserve its vision and direction, was fuelled by our unwavering commitment to continue providing exceptional label services.

“Our primary focus for the last 28 years has been delivering success and growth for our artists and labels. We look forward to continuing our relationship with all of them, and providing the dedicated support, resources, and innovative solutions they deserve.

“We are committed to exploring new collaborations, forging strategic partnerships, and harnessing cutting-edge technologies to elevate our label services to even greater commercial growth and success. Our dedication to investment and expansion remains resolute.

“Our incredible staff, brimming with talent and expertise, will remain at the core of our success, and we will continue to ensure they have the tools and knowledge to drive unparalleled results for our artists and labels.”

Absolute Label Services

Founded in 1998, Absolute is one of the world’s most established independent label services companies.