AMRA joins IMPF Friends and Supporters category

Global digital music collection society represents some of the world’s most successful songwriters.

Brussels, 3rd October 2023

AMRA has joined IMPF’s Friends and Supporters category.
AMRA takes a global, direct approach to digital licensing, collection, and administration, driven by the KTech rights management platform, which provides a streamlined model allowing AMRA to increase efficiencies.
The organisation’s roll-out has reached all corners of the world outside of the US, and includes direct digital collections for China, Brazil, and Japan.
AMRA represents some of the world’s most successful songwriters through either direct affiliation with AMRA or its publisher representation agreements for global digital licensing administration.
Launched in 2021, IMPF’s ‘Friends and Supporters’ category is aimed at commercial companies whose mission is to have an open and transparent relationship with the independent music publishing community worldwide.
AMRA CEO Tomas Ericsson said: “AMRA partnering with IMPF is a perfect fit, based on AMRA’s long-term support of a thriving independent publisher community. We are proud to support the IMPF’s important global work on behalf of independent publishers and the songwriter community. AMRA’s Global Digital Licensing model was created to meet the needs of a more streamlined and efficient digital market, creating more value and increasing the velocity of royalty payments to publishers and songwriters for using their music on global digital platforms. We bring together 200+ territories under direct digital licensing agreements, and we use AMRA’s state-of-the-art tech platform to process and match the trillions of usage data received from DSPs globally, which means more money, faster.”

IMPF is a network and meeting place for independent music publishers globally. We want to take advantage of the incredible opportunities to have our music on every service, licensed easily and without borders. And most importantly, we want our writers and our companies rewarded fairly for their work.