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Angelina makes 2023 comeback with 'Silent Moon'

Angelina Luzi sings about the loss of direction, and feeling torn between head and heart in new single ‘Silent Moon’ out 10th February 2023

London, 13th February 2023

A catchy and memorable track, radio friendly, beautiful timbre of voice, excellent recording, performance and solid production quality” – Where The Music Meets blog. 

Italian & English artist Angelina Luzi returns, releasing her first song of the year ‘Silent Moon’, an alt-pop/soft rock indie track – imagine a utopian collaboration between The Cranberries and Jeff Buckley with infectious synth lines, a strong hook at 1.08 and appealing lyrics. Angelina’s sentiment and trademark stylings feature throughout a vibrant composition, epic melodies and magnificent sound produced by frequent collaborator Nick Burns.

Angelina explains, “‘Silent Moon’ was written in a moment of loss of direction, when the only reassuring feeling would come by watching the moon and its soothing cycles, waiting and hoping for answers to come while torn apart, head and heart. I hope this song gives the same strength and hope to my listeners too.”

‘Silent Moon’ is out now, a single from her eagerly anticipated debut album due to be released in the fall of this year.  

Listen to the track here:

Watch the music video here:

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