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Arinola releases her long-awaited debut 'Love Story'

Arinola bursts onto the music scene with her long-awaited debut 'Love Story'

London, 14th February 2023

Jamaican/Nigerian independent artist, Arinola, releases her debut single ‘Love Story’, showcasing her love of Black British dance music through R&B, with a riveting upbeat track infused with guitar and drum and bass rhythms.

This is music born out of a desire to develop her natural musical talents. As an accomplished producer, composer, singer/songwriter and pianist, she is determined to follow her hear. Arinola is working on brand deals with the likes of Adidas, projects with GRM Daily and BBC, and has been co-signed by up-and-coming artists Kween Deekayy and Sheila Mugisha, making her one to watch out in 2023.

Applying smooth, soulful vocals, Arinola captivates you in this fast tempo track as she warbles about unrequited love. Drawing on her love for live instrumentation, she called on longtime collaborator Paulo Calvachi to decorate the track with intricate guitar. Miles Ames added a further richness to the track with a four piece string section, composed by Arinola herself, to lift the song to dizzying heights of soulfulness.

Listen to ‘Love Story’ here.

For more information on Arinola, please visit her Tiktok, Instagram, YouTube.

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