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Bucks signs Jamie McCool and Simon Pogson

McCool and Pogson are rising stars, working with DJ Fresh.

London, 12th July 2023

Bucks Music Group has signed Jamie McCool and Simon Pogson to individual, exclusive, worldwide songwriting agreements.

McCool and Pogson are acclaimed writing partners, working out of their Manchester-based studio, with Pogson gaining a reputation as a versatile writer, and McCool having established a career as a recording artist.

McCool’s journey in the music industry began in 2017, when he gained recognition for writing Counting On Me, performed by Aloe Blacc and produced by Purple Disco Machine and Aeroplane.

McCool’s debut solo release, You My Friend, in collaboration with BtheLick, accumulated over 4 million Spotify streams, reaching No.1 on the Spotify Viral Charts in Germany, and peaking at No.12 on the Spotify Global Charts.

Drawing inspiration from his roots and love for drum and bass music, McCool recently joined forces with three icons of the UK scene: DJ Fresh, Think Tonk, and Liam Bailey. Together, they created his latest single, Rivers. A stripped back version of the single recently amassed 118,000 views on TikTok.

McCool continues to work with DJ Fresh, who is helping to develop his artist career.

Bucks MD Simon Platz said: “Jamie and Simon are incredibly talented and sought after individuals with reputations that are growing every day among artist and industry communities alike. They combine to make something really special. It’s wonderful to have them at Bucks, and we look forward to helping them reach ever greater heights.”

DJ Fresh said: “As soon as I heard Jamie’s voice, I knew that I was beholden to that rare talent that tends to go stratospheric before you even know what’s hit you. The first artist I’ve worked with whose vocals are actually ruined by autotune. He also has a humility and refreshing perspective on music that I haven’t seen for a long time, as well as an infectious back story and lyrical honesty that songwriters wish they could manufacture – but the real thing is elusive like that.”

Jamie McCool said: “I am thrilled to finally be able to share my story through my music with the invaluable support of my peers and co-writers. The journey to this point has been long, but there are still countless songs to write and I’m here for it!”

Simon Pogson said: “Very excited to work alongside Bucks Music Group. The opportunity to collaborate with other artists, musicians and writers is invaluable, and their extensive knowledge, experience and connections offers us the perfect platform to develop.”

Bucks Music Group is one of the UK’s leading and longest running international, independent, family-owned music publishers. It has a rich musical heritage, having been responsible for launching and developing the careers of music legends including David Bowie, TRex, The Move, Black Sabbath and Procol Harum. Its active A&R department continues to discover and develop new song writing talent.

Bucks Music Group

Bucks Music Group is one of the UK’s leading and longest running international, independent music publishers.