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Colin Doran and Jason Bowld release They Fell From The Sky debut album via Say Something Records

Hundred Reasons and Pitchshifter alumni combine to create debut rock studio project

London, 16th August 2021 They Fell From The Sky release debut studio album ‘Decade’ alongside latest single ‘The Line’

October 1st 2021 will see the release of ‘Decade’, the highly anticipated debut album from rock studio project They Fell From The Sky.

The band formed in 2008 when Jason Bowld (Bullet For My Valentine, Pitchshifter, Killing Joke), began writing songs with Colin Doran (Hundred Reasons) in mind. With Colin on board as lyricist and vocalist, the pair began to write and jam with guitarist and producer Dave Draper before completing the lineup with Lee Erinmez (Snuff) and Oly Edkins.

“It was one of those great chemistries where everything was super easy. Just simply wanting to make music with no ego whatsoever;  A rarity but when it comes off, great things happen”, Bowld reveals.

Once in the studio the band’s songwriting flourished and an album began to take shape, blending the multitude of styles each member brought to the table. The songs started to flow and the sound honed to make the unique songwriting juggernaut that is ‘They Fell From The Sky’.

Produced by the band’s guitarist Dave Draper, best known for his work with The Wildhearts, The Professionals and Kerbdog, their debut album ‘Decade’ showcases the band’s ability to mix their heavier backgrounds with mainstream appeal.

Coming armed with an assortment of riffs that feel 10 feet deep, there is no escaping a They Fell From The Sky record. Knitting together Colin’s unmistakable shape-shifting vocals with heavy beats and heavier, rhapsodic chords, ‘Decade’ is pure adrenaline from start to finish, with every second of the album sounding like it’s competing to be the show-stopping climax.

“We recorded the album at a few places as the project grew and new songs came about. It was a very creative period. Being able to record and produce it alongside being involved with the writing made things really simple”, states Draper.

The entire album, an exercise in both grandeur and pure nostalgia, explores the many facets of human behaviour.  “We are by nature, at least from my own experiences, naturally contradictory. We spend lots of time cultivating a certain reality around us that is not who we are when we are alone or behind closed doors,” states lyricist Colin Doran.

Proving that the band aren’t afraid to show off their softer side too comes the album’s third and final single ‘The Line’, the follow up to previous singles ‘Dry’ and ‘Crush This World’, which received support from the likes of Sappenin’ Podcast, Total Rock Radio, Double J, Metal Sucks, Dead Press and Amazon Music.

The Line is a soul-scorching confessional that’s among some of Doran’s most vulnerable vocal performances. The track, due for release September 3rd,  is about “not telling the truth. Not necessarily lying in a black and white sense but more about self preservation that gets out of hand and goes too far”, explains Doran.

‘The Line’, due for release September 3rd via SaySomething Records, is available on all major streaming platforms.

 ‘Decade’, due for release October 1st via SaySomething Records is available on coloured 180gram vinyl and all major streaming platforms.