Concord Music Publishing sync event returns for 5th year delving into World's largest classical music catalogue Boosey & Hawkes

REIMAGINED is CMP’s yearly sync event to celebrate various parts of their extensive catalogue through new remixes, covers and recordings

London, 28th November 2022 Concord Music Publishing (CMP) held their 5th annual REIMAGINED event in central London on November 17th.

REIMAGINED is CMP’s yearly sync event to celebrate various parts of their extensive catalogue through new remixes, covers and recordings.

Previous reimagined tracks have ended up in TV syncs including ITV’s Love Island, The French Open, BT Sports, and a commercial for VanMoof (Lyra’s cover of ‘New Day’). Previous years saw live and virtual events honouring catalogues from the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s.

It was now time to delve into the rich heritage of Boosey & Hawkes, the world’s largest classical music publishing catalogue.

From Copland to Shostakovich, Gorecki to Prokofiev – these incredible pieces have been given a new lease by the likes of Alice Ivy, Tobie Tripp, Hale Zero, Ed Critchley, Petrels and others.

Partnering with Ableton and Max For Live, the evening will be followed by a panel on the 6th December for young producers and remixers from Small Green Shoots/ covering the importance of reimagining classical works – from the remixing and sampling processes, to how to get their music heard by leading experts in the music publishing and supervision worlds. Panellists include award-winning producer and music supervisor, Sian Rogers (SIREN).

Teaming up with Douglas Green Studio to create an immersive light and sound environment to enhance the listening experience, and with welcome drinks courtesy of Myers’s Rum, REIMAGINED presents 20 new remixes of world famous classical pieces – stream full playlist here.

Stephen Phillips, Senior Director, Sync, Concord – “The Reimagined concept allows us to bring new opportunities to iconic pieces of music. We hope to engage and encourage our sync clients and music fans to delve deeper into our wonderful Boosey & Hawkes classical music repertoire with this project.”

Tim Waine, Founder, Independent Culture – “CMP’s Reimagined project perfectly showcases the importance of bringing fresh ideas and approaches to their classical catalogues. It was an incredible evening brought together by innovative and inspiring industry leaders”.

Douglas Green and Alex McManus, Visual Artists – “When we heard these new tracks we immediately wanted to create an audible galaxy that the audience could step inside: Space felt like the perfect metaphor for the eternal relevance of the originals and the hyper-nuanced, constant evolution in the reimagined versions”.


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