DAACI AI tech sets out to revolutionise music composition

Game-changing AI music start-up enters 2nd seed funding round.

London, 27th June 2022 Award-winning DAACI has developed and filed a series of patents for its ground-breaking AI core tech which is set to revolutionise the creative process of music composition, democratising music creation for the metaverse masses.

Informed by the core principles of musical composition and three decades of doctoral music research, DAACI is a fully formed AI system that composes, arranges, orchestrates and produces the highest-quality original music. Unlike other AI music tools, there are no pre-recorded tracks or ready made samples. Instead, musical elements and textures are written in real time, infinitely generated on demand as DAACI dynamically responds to the creator’s brief.

The patents relate to the proprietary core tech of the DAACI framework which dynamically adapts to user inputs and captures compositional intent. Developed to power the evolution of music creation, DAACI has multiple potential applications from movie scores to gaming in the metaverse.

Rachel Lyske, DAACI CEO said, “The demand for original music has never been greater. Whether we’re discovering new artists online, immersing ourselves in a favourite MMO game, watching a must-see TV show or browsing the internet’s infinite scroll of content, music is the constant soundtrack to modern life.

“DAACI does away with ‘computer generated’, ‘random’ sounds. It raises the standard of AI composition by creating structure and form that has exceptionally high quality, is endlessly adaptive, and generates emotionally fulfilling originality in seconds.”

DAACI can satisfy the demand for limitless composition and will power music creativity for the next generation of composers, content creators and producers, who are already realising applications for its framework tech:


Whilst today’s gaming music is recognised by static and generic soundtracks, metaverse users are demanding a dynamic approach. They want to choose their own unique soundtrack in real time, to fit their story and emotions.

DAACI can provide games developers with high-fidelity contextual and situational music. From the endless creation of bespoke audio skins and NFTs to adaptive in game soundtracking, DAACI creates a truly immersive and emotional connection between players and games like never before.

Composition Ally:

DAACI doesn’t intend to replace composers. Instead, it provides an easy-to-use tool to enhance the productivity and scalability of their work. For artists and production companies, DAACI is an ally that offers the perfect combination of innovative technology and music composition axioms  – delivering the best of both worlds. A true virtual composer, DAACI learns to think and dynamically respond using compositional principles and rules, delivering authentic, rich music composition at a speed and scale well beyond the limits of human possibility.

DAACI’s composition science stems from the notable team of professional musicians and composers behind it, who between them hold an enviable list of credits spanning performing, musical direction, vocal coaching, writing, producing, sound mixing and sound design. The team anticipates the landscape for how music is created and experienced is changing, so they are bringing the DAACI AI software to life as a tool for users whilst respecting and protecting the knowledge musicians have acquired.

Having successfully completed a seed funding round, DAACI is extremely excited to be launching its new round. They are raising an EIS eligible £4m which will close in September https://www.daaci.com/daaci-deck


DAACI is set to power music creativity for the next generation of composers and content creators, forming a central part of game production, the metaverse and play-to-earn business models by providing the next step in the evolution of music creation.