Dequency expands on-chain music licensing to a broad range of digital media - advertising, corporate videos, podcasts, and games

Peer-to-peer sync licensing marketplace to bring smart contracts and automated pricing benefits to music rights-holders and wider audiovisual media and advertising producers.

Multiple, 4th August 2023

Dequency has expanded its blockchain-based music licensing marketplace to cater for more digital media types, meaning that music rights-holders on the platform can now capitalize on sync opportunities across podcast, student film, digital advertising, corporate videos, live events, and video games.

Launching its web3-powered music rights marketplace in 2022, Dequency offered music  for licensing into web3 metaverses, games, and other digital audiovisual assets.

Now, the benefits of Dequency’s decentralized music licensing marketplace are available to creative and advertising industries outside of web3. Transactions can be made using both fiat and cryptocurrency, with all the speed, transparency and control that the blockchain provides.

Dequency CEO Keatly Haldeman said: “When we launched Dequency, the focus was on streamlining music licensing for web3 audiovisual digital assets, games and metaverses – using the power of the blockchain to make transactions quicker, easier, cheaper and more transparent. It was always our intention to extend this technology, and those principles, to the wider traditional audiovisual production community, for which online music licensing has been limited – and often predatory – for recording artists and catalogs.”

As part of this expansion, Dequency has also introduced a new pricing matrix, offering a unique blend of full control and guidance for rightsholders and standardized licensing for audiovisual and digital media creators.

The matrix consists of two tiers of set pricing based on the audiovisual medium to be licensed, and a third tier that gives rights-holders unrestricted flexibility to set their own prices.

CEO Keatly Haldeman expressed his excitement about the new pricing model, stating: “One of our goals with Dequency was to create a system that gave music artists and catalogs the greatest level of control of any sync licensing platform in the market. We listened to our licensor and licensee users, and both sides asked for some level of pricing standardization and licenses for expanded usage. With this release, we give music rights owners the option to offer their music for one of two pricing tiers or continue to set their own fees. Content creators and advertisers benefit from more consistent pricing for a wide variety of uses. And as before, users can expect a high-caliber of music from discerning artists and labels who require the unprecedented level of control that only Dequency offers.

“Dequency is committed to empowering artists and content creators by providing them with the tools and opportunities they need to succeed in the digital age. Our marketplace not only facilitates efficient licensing transactions, but also fosters a thriving community where music flourishes and artists are fairly compensated for their work.”


Dequency is the world’s first web3 synchronization licensing marketplace. We’re building a platform for music and visual creators to connect and collaborate on NFT art and metaverse content.