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Diesel and Public Pressure announce four ‘Discovery Drops’

HoneyLuv debuts new initiative with ‘FASHION’

London, 20th March 2023 Diesel and Public Pressure, the international Web3 media company, have unveiled the first commercial campaign since recently announcing a wide ranging partnership between the brands last year, with the aim of celebrating the fabric and future of underground music by promoting breakthrough artists, Web3 culture and technology.

The first of four “Discovery” NFT drops was released this week on Public Pressure, the Web3 marketplace that operates within the Polkadot blockchain.

Featuring an audio track, ‘FASHION’ from LA based DJ/Producer HoneyLuv with exclusive artwork by highly regarded Italian visual designer Nic Paranoia, this first drop is an NFT accessory, which content authenticity is verified via the KILT’s identity blockchain, that introduces music and fashion as a utility within Moonsama metaverse environment.

This first drop sold out within four hours with over 1,200 tracks minted and generated almost $50,000 in revenues. An artist would need approximately 11,700,000 streams to earn an equivalent amount.

Announced as an “Artist to watch” by Billboard and a “Future Star of 2023” on BBC Radio 1, HoneyLuv is establishing herself at the forefront of the contemporary EDM scene.

Launched in 2022, Public Pressure is committed to expanding the experiential value chain between music, fashion, culture, and technology. It is the only music marketplace in the Polkadot ecosystem, which also has the lowest total electricity consumption and carbon emissions per year of the six proof-of-stake (POS) blockchains and is focused on delivering carbon-neutral music NFT activations.

Diesel, a fashion brand synonymous with supporting socially responsible youth culture, is establishing itself as a “patron of discovery” via Public Pressure. The company is dedicated to promoting the best breakthrough artists and their innovative genres while seeking to enable and energise direct interactions between them and their fans.

In partnership with Public Pressure Diesel aims to pioneer the advancement of music and NFTs with “phygital” products, permissions and experiences such as NFTs that unlock exclusive music and video-based digital content online, alongside redeemable opportunities to participate in limited offers for physical merchandise and invite-only ‘real life’ VIP events and ‘in-store’ launches off-line.

Sergio Mottola Co-Founder & President of Public Pressure said, “This partnership with Diesel is an important statement that music and fashion can forge meaningful collaborations in the Web3 environment.  Despite some turbulent market conditions in this sector, we are demonstrating without question that real revenue streams for artists can be generated that would otherwise be unobtainable via current streaming models.”

Stefano Rosso, CEO of BVX and Board Member of OTB Group, the parent company of Diesel said, “Diesel is constantly exploring the intersection of art and fashion, and this collaboration with Public Pressure will allow the brand to push the boundaries of creativity even further. By partnering with music NFT initiatives we are excited to provide our community with a new and multisensory way to experience our brand.”

Moonsama’s Donnie Big Bags added, “This new collaboration between Public Pressure and Diesel demonstrates why we remain confident that NFTs will ultimately become the biggest adoption driver in the Web3 space after decentralised finance. Community engagement around NFTs utility will be the key success factor moving forward. “



Public Pressure

Public Pressure is a Web3 media company headquartered in London with offices around the world with an NFT marketplace that focuses on the interactions between music, culture and technology.