Direct-to-Fan, Music-Focused Crowdfunding Platform Sonicly Launches in Beta

Company Led by Industry Veterans with 20+ Years of Music Industry and Digital Media Experience

New York , 15th September 2021 Sonicly, a music-only project funding and fan engagement platform that puts the creator in complete control, has launched in invitation-only beta. The solution is uniquely designed for the music creator looking to build a sustainable career by creating a series of projects of varying sizes on their own schedule, thereby generating steady revenue and identifying and cultivating super fans. Sonicly provides a completely frictionless experience for the creator and the supporter in a safe and trusted environment.

The Sonicly philosophy is that all music is crowdfunded in one way or another; it’s just a question of what’s left for the creator after the middlemen take their cut. Sonicly co-founders Andrew Eisele and Brian Camelio created the solution because there was no crowdfunding platform tailored specifically for the needs of musicians. One-size-fits-all platforms are time-consuming and difficult to set up, offer “all-or-nothing” payment models, focus on monetary targets, emphasize the platform’s brand and impose unsustainable subscription publishing schedules. Sonicly’s innovative platform has done away with all of these, as they can actually harm musicians, leading to creative burnout and supporter churn.

“Brian and I are excited to announce that Sonicly is now open in invite-only beta,” said Eisele. “We set out to create a streamlined and completely re-imagined direct-to-fan funding platform specifically for musicians and to give crowdfunding more trust. Fans want to support the musicians they love, they just haven’t been given a good way to do that. We spent a lot of time getting Sonicly right and we think we nailed it!”

For Camelio, the launch of Sonicly is a dream in the making. ”I’ve always wanted to help create a platform that is as laser-focused as Sonicly,” he said. “I truly believe that Sonicly will become an important tool in every independent musician’s toolbox.”

Music crowdfunding pioneer Benji Rogers, founder of Lark42, advised on the project. “It has been both an honor and a pleasure to work with Andrew and the true OG Brian on their amazing platform Sonicly for the past year,” he said. “Picking up where other platforms left off, I think we got the perfect mix of security, personalization, speed, ease of setup, and usability that truly shines through in this beta.”

“It is a wonderful thing to be able to work on a platform whose business model we know so well, and it has been a privilege to work with a team who is truly artist first in every way, and in whose brand and financial interest every decision was made,” Rogers continued.

Eisele and Camelio have extensive music industry and digital media expertise. As the COO/CFO of TargetSpot, Medialets, and JW Player, Eisele helped lead all three organizations through significant recurring revenue growth and multiple fundraisings and acquisitions. Camelio, a professional musician and Grammy® Award-winning producer, is also credited with being the father of modern “crowdfunding.” He founded ArtistShare, the internet’s first crowdfunding platform that has since been home to numerous Grammy® Award-winning music projects.

Sonicly helps give rise to the new generation of empowered, independent music artists seeking to make a viable living from their creations while building a true connection with their fans.

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Sonicly is a better way to connect music creators with their audience to support music projects.