AIP publishes Promoter Jargon Buster

From 'Pencils' to 'Disco Load Out', 'Overage' to 'Plus Deal', there are over 50 terms to get to grips with.

London, 17th August 2021 The Association of Independent Promoters has published ‘The AIP Promoter Jargon Buster’ – a list of commonly used promoting terms to help support new and emerging promoters into the sector.

“Our network has grown to over 130 UK promoters,” says AIP Executive Chair John Rostron. “As our promoters talk and share, there are lots of terms being thrown around that we realised are well understood by more experienced promoters, but less so by those who are new to promoting. So, we have collaborated and published this initial list of terms, which we hope demystifies things a little.”

From ‘Pencils’ to ‘Disco Load Out’, ‘Overage’ to ‘Plus Deal’, there are over 50 terms to get to grips with.

“If there are other terms people think should be included, we’d love to hear them.” says Rostron. “We will keep updating the list to make it as useful as possible. We hope you learn something new when you read it.”

The AIP Promoter Jargon Buster is available as a free resource on the AIP website


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