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Exceleration forms strategic partnership with pioneering Indian independent label Azadi Records

Extends Exceleration's global network of labels with first partnership in India. Award-wining label co-founded in 2017 by Mo Joshi, renowned for work with Joss Stone and Akala. Exceleration's Charles Caldas to take seat on the Azadi Records board.

Remote, 30th August 2023

Exceleration Music, the global venture dedicated to enhancing the future of independent labels and artists, is forming a strategic partnership with Azadi Records.

The deal is Exceleration’s first in Asia, as it continues its commitment to partnering with culturally significant companies and entrepreneurs across the global independent sector. As part of the deal, Exceleration has made a financial investment in Azadi Records, which will help to supercharge the label’s growth and establish it as a leading force in India’s independent music scene.

Under the new partnership, Azadi Records  team will benefit from access to Exceleration’s global team and infrastructure. Exceleration partner Charles Caldas also joins Azadi Records’ board, and will help to guide and oversee the strategy, performance and development of the business.

Azadi Records has been at the vanguard of sociopolitical hip-hop in South Asia since its founding in 2017 by Mo Joshi and Uday Kapur. Over his career, CEO and Co-founder Mo Joshi has worked across business affairs and digital strategy with internationally acclaimed artists Akala and Joss Stone, as well as with touring festival venue Chai Wallahs and UK booking agency, Diplomats of Sound. He has been deeply involved in India’s emerging hip-hop scene since moving there from the UK in 2014 when he first took the reins as CMO of South Asian digital media brand DesiHipHop.com.

To date, Azadi Records has played a pivotal role in fostering the growth of artists from India’s regional and minority communities, and has unearthed major talents including India’s leading hiphop duo Seedhe Maut, and Prabh Deep, the first rapper to win a Toto Funds the Arts (TFA) music award, India’s most significant independent music prize. Other key acts include producer Sez on the Beat, whose credits include work with India’s leading rappers as well as international names including PnB Rock and Rich the Kid.

The label was named 2020’s Indie Label of the Year by Indian music outlet, Loudest Magazine.

Upcoming releases include Seedhe Maut’s mixtape ‘Lunch Break’, an upcoming EP from Ranj & Clifr, and a collaborative album by UK-based rappers Sonnyjim & PAVAN.

By partnering with Exceleration, Azadi Records will be able to maintain its independence, while entering a new chapter of growth and innovation. It joins Exceleration’s growing roster of label partners, which includes Mom+Pop Music, Kill Rock Stars, SideOneDummy, and Heroic Music Group.

Mo Joshi, CEO and Co-founder of Azadi Records, said: “Thanks to our partnership with Exceleration, Azadi Records is poised to enter a new phase of growth while maintaining our independence. I look forward to working closely with Charles and the rest of the team to further develop the business, while continuing to support our artists and help amplify their voices among local and global audiences.”

Charles Caldas, Partner at Exceleration Music, commented: “Our mission at Exceleration is to work with remarkable, culturally meaningful labels and entrepreneurs, and Azadi definitely fits that mold. Since I met Mo in Mumbai in 2018 it was clear to me that what he was building at Azadi was special. Fearless, innovative, and socially aware, Azadi has the hallmarks of a great independent label, and I look forward to helping Mo and the Azadi team achieve their full potential.”

About Exceleration Music

Exceleration Music is a company formed by global music industry leaders Glen Barros, Amy Dietz, John Burk, Dave Hansen, and Charles Caldas to invest in the future of independent labels and artists. Exceleration offers personalized solutions to entrepreneurs seeking capital to achieve growth as well as those trying to achieve liquidity or an honorable exit. The company’s growing team of data, sales, and marketing experts works to preserve and enhance the legacies of both entrepreneurs and their artists alike. To date, Exceleration has acquired or formed strategic relationships with leading independents including Alligator, Bloodshot, Candid, Kill Rock Stars, Mom+Pop, The Ray Charles Foundation/Tangerine, SideOneDummy, Heroic Music Group and, most recently, +1 Records. Learn more at www.excelerationmusic.com.

About Azadi Records

Azadi Records is a prominent Indian independent record label that has been at the vanguard of socio-political hip-hop from the South Asian region since its founding in 2017. Azadi Records has played a pivotal role in fostering the growth of artists from India’s minority communities. The musical offerings by the artists under its banner have emerged as a resonant force representing the aspirations of India’s youth. At its core, Azadi Records’ narrative is one of transformation, resilience, and an unrelenting pursuit of musical excellence and equality. Azadi Records stands as a seminal force in the independent music panorama of the region. Reverberating with artists and sounds that transcend conventional limits, the label has firmly etched its name as a catalyst for pushing creative boundaries and amplifying voices that might otherwise remain unheard. Learn more at www.azadirecords.com

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