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Furia announces new album and headlining Polish tour

New album “Huta Luna” is confirmed to come out on 10th October via Pagan Records. Furia will promote the album on its upcoming headlining tour with an eclectic mix of special guests

Poland, 18th August 2023 Furia will release a new album entitled “Huta Luna” on 10th October via Pagan Records. “Huta Luna” will consist of ten brand-new tracks. In support of the album, the band will head out on a headlining tour of Poland with guests Zamilska (techno, industrial), Owls Woods Graves (black metal, punk) and Krzta (sludge metal, mathcore).

Tour Dates:
2.11.23 @ Poznań, Tama
3.11.23 @ Bydgoszcz, Fabryka Loyda
4.11.23 @ Szczecin, Kosmos
5.11.23 @ Gdańsk, B90
9.11.23 @ Kraków, Kamienna12
10.11.23 @ Wrocław, Stary Klasztor
11.11.23 @ Warszawa, Progresja
12.11.23 @ Lublin, Radio Lublin

Tickets will be available from 22 August 10am (CEST) from the Knock Out Music Store:


As Nihil himself recalled, they started with “typical Norwegian black metal”, however, they soon took their own unique avenue. What are they playing today? Is it nekrofolk? Or maybe just haunted rock? It is not so easy to define, but Furia is an unmistakable band – there is not and there will not be another such band in the Polish extreme music scene. Their music is recognisable almost immediately by the unconventional poetics. When they released “Księżyc milczy luty” in 2016, they had the whole metal underground and even the alternative scene at their feet. When they toured Poland as the band in the theatrical production of “Wesele” directed by Jan Klata, there was no end to the admiration of what this band can achieve. The new album will also bring a lot of excitement. After all, in the case of Furia, it can’t be any different. What else will the band bring? We’ll find out soon enough.


Zamilska is non-metal, and yet fully metal. And it’s not just that she’s been a fan of extreme sounds for years, but that her work, built on electronics, emanates with a truly metal intensity. In the songs of the artist from Silesia, however, you will find not only dark colours, but a whole palette of various sounds and moods. Because Zamilska, in addition to strongly rhythmic techno and industrial, also offers pop or – occasionally – gothic or even exotic sounds, as on the last album “Uncovered”. Natalia on stage performs alone, but the energy emitted could have as well been from five people. We give you our word.


The artist, The Fall, warned us on the last Owls Woods Graves album that the devil is coming, but we’re welcoming him with open arms. The ruthless, dirty, sometimes even reaching to street punk, black metal in the style of this Cracow project is a blow between the eyes and produces hits that you can chant to the fullest. This was indeed the case at their inaugural concert in Krakow – carnage on stage, chaos under the stage, mosh and chants shouted out by the whole audience. After all, we are all antichristian hooligans.


In the last two years, Krzta quickly jumped from the status of an Olsztyn curiosity to being one of the most intriguing phenomena of the Polish extreme scene. Their poignantly heavy sludge mixed with emotional and at the same time confusing mathcore is not easy to handle, but it hits the heart without any exaggeration.

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