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Furze blasts new album "Caw Entrance" in early pre-release stream

New album streaming now ahead of 5 April release and will be available in all formats (CD, LP, tape, digital) under licence to Devoted Art Propaganda via Polytriad Fingerprints

Kraków, Poland, 21st March 2024 Norwegian black psych metal force Furze unleashes its new album, “Caw Entrance“, for a pre-release stream today via Invisible Oranges. “Caw Entrance”  arrives in all formats (CD, LP, cassette, digital) on 5 April 2024.

Experience “Caw Entrance” in its entirety ahead of its official release by visiting:

Caw Entrance” marks Furze’s eighth studio album and a continuation of the signature “Furze penetration” — a relentless assault of black metal fury intertwined with psychedelic exploration.  Woe J. Reaper, the band’s mastermind, delivers his trademark shrieking vocals, weaving blasphemous poetry into a tapestry of sonic chaos.

Caw Entrance” demands an immersive listening experience. Woe J. Reaper himself recommends diving into the album with a good pair of headphones, emphasising the intricate details woven into the left and right channels.

The single, “Post Mortem Trippin’“, exemplifies this meticulous production.  Featuring guitars playing entirely different lines in each ear, “Post Mortem Trippin'” coalesces only when experienced through headphones.

“Caw Entrance” also features a re-recorded version of the track “Avail the Autocrat of Evil”—heavier and more ferocious than the original.

Woe J. Reaper says: “Furze’s CAW ENTRANCE is again breaking new ground in terms of feeling, songwriting and of course…BLACK PSYCH METAL! Which doesn’t mean “stoner-drug black metal”. Did anyone out there actually think that was all there is to it? Are you so brainless???!!??”

“Caw Entrance” is available for pre-order now via Devoted Art Propaganda, Furze’s Bandcamp page and Polytriad Fingerprints. The album will be available on CD, LP, cassette, and digital formats, accompanied by a new T-shirt design and an exclusive A2 poster included with pre-orders.

Formed in Trondheim, Norway in 1998, Furze emerged from the ashes of the Woe J. Reaper project. Over the past two decades, Furze established itself as a vital force in the black metal scene, releasing seven full-length albums and a vast collection of demos, EPs, and compilations.

Furze’s early works arrived during a period of stagnation within black metal. With its unique blend of aggression and psychedelia, Furze breathed new life into the genre, influencing countless underground acts.  Even Fenriz of black metal legends Darkthrone lauded Furze, featuring as his “band of the week” on his Fenriz Radio show.

Furze and Woe J. Reaper recently celebrated their 25th anniversary with the release of a limited and special edition cassette box set (available via Devoted Art Propaganda). The box set includes the original Woe J. Reaper “Necromanzee” demo from 1998 on one tape, while the second tape consists of unreleased material from 1992-1998. Limited to only 100 copies, it comes in two cassettes with two separate artworks in a common box. The first tape comes with the original 1998 demo art.  The other comes with a newly assembled 1992-1998 “Drinking the Blood of Metal” artwork with unseen photos and extensive liner notes describing that period of Furze’s history and the local scene. It will not be available on streaming services.

Previously Furze released the tracks “Post Mortem Trippin’” and “Foresee His Infernal Rites” which will be a part of “Caw Entrance” and can be streamed now via all major streaming services.

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