IMPEL expands into Japan as NexTone joins

NexTone is the only private-sector music copyright admin business in Japan

London, 19th November 2020 IMPEL has expanded its reach into Japan with the addition of NexTone to its membership.

NexTone is the only private-sector company in the music copyright administration business in Japan.

It has been managing mechanical, digital and broadcasting copyrights in the territory since its establishment in 2000.

The company was re-established as a joint venture between e-License Inc. and Japan Rights Clearance Inc in 2016 and, in March 2020, became a publicly listed company on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers market.

NexTone works with a wide variety of rights-holders including the publishing arms of global video games companies and animation studios, major and independent music publishers, and individual songwriters.

Today it represents approximately 200,000 works including popular songs by Japanese artists such as VAMPS, Susumu Hirasawa and Maki Ohguro, as well as songs from various world-famous video games.

NexTone Inc. President and COO Yuji Arakawa said: “Digital services play a crucial role in the current music market, and DSPs that operate multi-territory services have become more and more important. Amid such circumstances, this agreement between IMPEL and NexTone is of great significance for us. We are delighted that it will create new opportunities for a wider range of audiences around the world to listen to wonderful music by Japanese artists.”

IMPEL CEO Sarah Williams said: “Concluding this deal with NexTone is an important and strategic step for IMPEL in developing its global reach. Not only is it an opportunity to optimise digital revenue for a significant part of the Japanese market but it also cements a relationship with an organisation that has a very similar philosophy to our own. Both IMPEL and NexTone have started something new and different because they weren’t prepared to accept the status quo, and they have both made strong commitments to a fair and equitable remuneration model that values the work of the creator in the digital environment. There is so much potential to be unlocked for both sides here, and we are very excited about the future.”


IMPEL Collective Management Limited (‘IMPEL’) licenses and administers the digital rights of its publisher members’ Anglo-American repertoire for online activities on a multi-territory basis.