IMPF members named on Billboard’s 2021 International Power Players list

IMPF President Annette Barrett recognised alongside Board members Ichi Asatsuma and David Alexander

Brussels, 27th April 2021 IMPF President Annette Barrett has been named on Billboard’s 2021 International Power Players list alongside a number of high-profile IMPF members.

Barrett is joined on the list by two other IMPF Board members: Ichi Asatsuma and David Alexander.

Barrett is recognised by Billboard as a co-founder of the IMPF and having been named as both President and Chair of the Board in 2020. She’s also listed for her work as MD and Global Strategic Liaison for Reservoir.

FujiPacific Music’s Chairman Ichi Asatsuma is described by Billboard as “a major figure in the Japanese music industry for over five decades”.  Asatsuma has been Chairman of FujiPacific Music since 2005 and was Chairman of Japan’s Music Publishers Association from 2004 to 2010.  He joined the IMPF Board in 2017.

Billboard points to David Alexander’s position at the helm of Sheer Publishing Africa as the company’s founder and Managing Director. It notes Downtown’s acquisition of the company in 2020.

Billboard also posthumously honours Mushroom Music Group’s Michael Gudinski as its International Power Players Executive of the Year.  Mushroom Music is a founding member of IMPF.

Other key executives at IMPF member companies named on the list include: Hussain “Spek” Yoosuf (Founder/President, PopArabia; Executive VP International and Emerging Markets, Reservoir); Laura Bedikian (Senior Creative Manager, Downtown Music Publishing); Charles Braud (Head of Sync, France, Downtown Music Publishing); Dean Francis (GM, Downtown Neighbouring Rights); Benjamin Budde (President, Budde Music); Mandy Aubry (Director of Business Development, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific, Songtrust); Lara Baker Director of Business Development, UK and Ireland, Songtrust); André de Raaff (CEO, CTM Entertainment); Nando Luaces (founder/CEO, Altafonte).

IMPF President and Chair Annette Barrett said: “It’s great to see a strong contingent of independent publishers and IMPF members recognised here for the work they do all over the world. It shows how important and impactful the independent contribution is to the wider music publishing market and the music business in general.”


IMPF is a network and meeting place for independent music publishers globally. We want to take advantage of the incredible opportunities to have our music on every service, licensed easily and without borders. And most importantly, we want our writers and our companies rewarded fairly for their work.