IMPF signs Keychange pledge

International music publishing body commits to gender equality and empowering minority genders in its work.

Brussels, 8th March 2021 IMPF has signed up to the Keychange initiative, making a commitment to gender equality and empowering minority genders in its work.

Led by PRS Foundation, Reeperbahn Festival and Musikcentrum Öst, and supported by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union, Keychange is an international gender equality campaign that invests in emerging talent while encouraging festivals, conferences and a growing range of music organisations and institutions to sign a pledge to include at least 50% women and under-represented genders in their programming, staffing and beyond.

By becoming a signatory of the Keychange pledge, IMPF commits to ensuring that at least 50% of speakers, presenters and panellists at our conferences and webinars are women; enabling our publisher members to consider the balance of artists they sign; working towards a 50% representation of women on our Board of Directors; and encouraging our members to sign up to Keychange via our newsletter and social media.

IMPF President Annette Barrett said: “IMPF has sought, since its inception, to reflect the broad diversity and values of the global independent music publishing sector. This not only includes repertoires that are commercially and linguistically varied, but also, politically, the Forum has endeavoured to have equality of representation for women in the conferences and seminars we host and promote. Similarly, IMPF has had an active outreach to women music publishers to seek their input, inclusion and participation to the decision-making bodies of the Board of Directors and Working Groups of the Forum and, more generally, passionately advocates for gender equality across its policy positions.”


IMPF is a network and meeting place for independent music publishers globally. We want to take advantage of the incredible opportunities to have our music on every service, licensed easily and without borders. And most importantly, we want our writers and our companies rewarded fairly for their work.