IMPF welcomes ICE to Friends and Supporters category

ICE has passed €3bn in royalty distributions and represents more than 330,000 rightsholders.

Brussels, 21st March 2023 IMPF has added ICE to its ‘Friends and Supporters’ category.

ICE is a music technology company created by rightsholders, for rightsholders. It is a joint venture between PRS, STIM and GEMA, and actively encourages collaboration between other CMOs, music publishers and digital service providers to ensure composers and songwriters are compensated accurately and fairly for the use of their works internationally.

ICE has now passed €3bn in royalty distributions and represents more than 330,000 rightsholders in the ICE Core licence. It has also pioneered its 2-Stage invoicing process, reducing residuals, and directing €114m to rightsholders on an accurate works-basis.

Launched in 2021, IMPF’s ‘Friends and Supporters’ category is aimed at commercial companies whose mission is to have an open and transparent relationship with the independent music publishing community worldwide, aligned with that of IMPF.

Ben McEwen, Chief Commercial Officer at ICE, said: “A healthy independent publisher community is critical for the future of music, and partnering with the IMPF in the important work they do is a natural fit to ICE’s purpose to best serve songwriters. ICE was created through rightsholder collaboration; we bring customers together in our ICE Core licence, in our accurate copyright service, and various working groups. We believe it’s through working collectively that we can tackle the modern industry challenges.”

IMPF President Annette Barrett said: “It’s a great pleasure to welcome ICE as a Friend and Supporter of IMPF. ICE is aligned with our organisation’s mission and vision for the global music industry and IMPF members have a great deal of expertise and insight that will benefit ICE’s operation. We look forward to working together .”


About IMPF

IMPF (Independent Music Publishers International Forum) is the global network for independent music publishers. IMPF represents the interests of indie music publishers internationally, shares experiences and best practices, exchanges information on the copyright and legal framework in different territories and jurisdictions, and helps stimulate a more favourable environment for artistic, cultural and commercial diversity for songwriters, composers and publishers everywhere.

About ICE

ICE is the music technology company created by rightsholders, for rightsholders. It delivers accurate and transparent royalties to Songwriters, whilst simplifying the process for DSPs, by providing Publishers and Collective Management Organisations (CMOs) with superior Licensing, Processing and Copyright services.


IMPF is a network and meeting place for independent music publishers globally. We want to take advantage of the incredible opportunities to have our music on every service, licensed easily and without borders. And most importantly, we want our writers and our companies rewarded fairly for their work.