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In Fear sign to Year Of The Rat Records, release Abyss.

The UK alternative metal band's video is premiering at Rock Sound and Moshville Times

UK , 8th December 2022

In Fear are a ferocious metal quintet from Bristol UK who have been unstoppable since their formation in 2017. Since releasing their debut EP ‘Solace’ in early 2019 the band have gained ample footing in the UK scene, heading out on various tours, festival appearances and accruing over 500,000 streams online. The band have recently toured with the likes of Creak, Where Oceans Burn & Dreameater as well as appearing on the main stage at UK Tech-Fest. 
In Fear have signed to UK label Year Of the Rat Records, and the new single ‘Abyss’ is released on the 9th December 2022. The single kickstarts the next phase for the band. Over the single cycle the band have already had support from Rock Sound, Metal Hammer, Kerrang Radio, Prison Radio, Moshville Times and many other respected publications. 
Abyss (Video) –
Abyss (Pre-save) –
Ryan Simmons (In Fear) – “The first demo of the song was written all the way back in 2018, with the intention of conveying the terror people experience during sleep paralysis into music which some of our members were struggling with at the time. We took this idea and ran with it, making “the Abyss” into a catalyst of the dreams themselves. We took the demo to George Lever who really saw the vision behind the song and helped us translate the ideas we’d sought out to portray. It’s very rare for a song to still capture you and make you feel like you’re really experiencing this for yourself after its inception 4 years ago, but Abyss is just that for us.  Every part of the song was written to encompass the feeling of sleep paralysis, the fast paced riffs and high intensity sections to replicate the initial realisation and panic, the aggressive verses to represent the struggle of fighting to wake back up and the dream like chorus as you fall back into a deep sleep, knowing it’s all about to happen again. Usually songs like these resolve in some way, there’s usually a light at the end of the tunnel. But we find it oddly cathartic to write bleak music.”
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