Karta pushes the boundaries of music game innovation with ‘Built Builder’ on Fortnite - reaching 100k players

Beat Builder is Fortnite’s first-ever build-based rhythm game // Karta partners with NoCopyrightSounds for the game’s music library // Two new big songs just added: Royalty by Egzod & Maestro Chives and Invincible by DEAF KEV

London, UK, 16th April 2024 London, 16th April 2024: Karta, an award-winning metaverse studio pioneering the world of in-game experiential marketing, continues to push the boundaries of music game innovation as its latest project, Beat Builder, reaches 100,000 players.

Beat Builder is an interactive music rhythm game where players put down walls, ramps, floors and cones to the beat of the music. Centred on building, a core Fortnite gameplay feature used in its very popular Battle Royal – Beat Builder is the first-ever build-based rhythm game on the platform. As well as being a music-filled experience played for fun, the game is also used as a practice tool for players to improve their game-playing skills on Fortnite.

To create the game’s eclectic music library, Karta has partnered with NoCopyrightSounds, a copyright-free record label and music platform. Focusing on drumstep, phonk and trap electronic music for now, with artists such as TWISTED, if found, XTOM, and Lost Sky, players interact with the stems of each song which have their own visual world to match the vibe. Karta aims to develop the game further, updating it with a plethora of new music and genres such as metal, K-pop and rock. The long-term aim of Beat Builder is to integrate artists into Fortnite to share their music with fans, with the game becoming a recognised platform for exploring new artists and music. 

Reaching 100,000 players is a significant milestone for a new metaverse game, with Beat Builder continuing to grow in popularity since its launch recently. To mark the milestone, Karta has updated the game with two of NCS biggest songs; Royalty by Egzod & Maestro Chives and Invincible by DEAF KEV and are already planning further extensions, partnerships and new seasons.

Erik Londré, CEO of Karta, said: “We’re thrilled that Beat Builder has gotten off to such a great start. We wanted to create a rhythm game that felt 100 per cent Fortnite native, where the music is connected to the platform’s core building gameplay. A rhythm game that makes you a better gamer is an idea that excites us a lot.”

Tony Barnes, CGO of Karta, added: “Beat Builder truly encapsulates what Karta is all about – innovative and forward-thinking design that combines incredible music with interactive gaming, in one entertaining place. Music’s presence in the metaverse is evolving and we think Beat Builder has the potential to become its own platform for artists and brands to authentically connect to a Fortnite audience through gameplay and new music. We can’t wait to develop it and see how it grows.”

Since launching in 2021, Karta has worked with brands such as Amazon Music, McDonald’s and Hugo Boss. As well as working with Spotify on their iconic global campaign, Spotify Wrapped, to gamify the listening habits of Spotify users and bring this into the metaverse. Through these partnerships, Karta is reshaping entertainment experiences in the metaverse and creating meaningful connections between brands and their audiences. In the past year, the London-based studio has also worked with global artists like Nicki Minaj, for her ‘Gag City’ experience in Roblox, K-Pop giants BLACKPINK with their hugely popular ‘BLACKPINK THE PALACE’ and TWICE, with their ‘TWICE Square’ – which has become the most successful persistent music experience on Roblox. 

Charlotte Lee, Brand Manager at NCS, said: “We’re very happy to provide the music for Beat Builder, a brilliant new game which gives players the chance to interact with the music like never before. It has the potential to become a go-to platform for music gaming and we’re proud to support it.”

Beat Builder is available to play now through the Fortnite map code: 2008-2355-7803. For more information, go to www.karta.game.


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