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King Dude joins forces with The Magus on new album “Βυσσοδομώντας”

The Magus - veteran Greek metal musician known from Necromantia, Rotting Christ, Yoth Iria - debut solo album to be released via The Circle Music in October 2023

Athens, Greece, 7th March 2023 The Magus, a veteran Greek musician known for his work with the likes of Necromantia, Rotting Christ and Yoth Iria among others, will release his debut solo album under the band name THE MAGUS, entitled “Βυσσοδομώντας” (translates to “Conspiring in the Darkness” from Greek) in October 2023 via The Circle Music.

The album will include guest vocals from revered dark folk artist King Dude, also know as the blue-eyed Mephistopheles with an acoustic guitar. King Dude is know for his voice to “shift from haunting and vulnerable to thunderous near-Biblical fury in the space of a breath, marrying the sacred to the profane with pomp, circumstance, and a curled lip”. 

King Dude said that he is “honoured and thrilled to play a role on this album for The Magus!”

The Magus commented: “The instrumental track “Give the Devil His Due” which was on the farewell Necromantia album, has a story behind it. Like all the songs I do… Therefore, I decided to tell you that story in the upcoming album of The Magus, entitled “Βυσσοδομώντας”. 

“When I was working on it, together with our six-string wizard El, we felt that it should be a very special song so that the music itself tells the story also, not just the lyrics. And indeed we wrote something very special. A gem of devilish horror! However, there were some parts in the song that needed a very distinctive voice…

“King Dude, the master of dark spiritual acoustic folk music, was amongst the first names who came to our mind. I am deeply honored that he accepted our invitation to sing the parts and tell you himself a piece of our story. Not only because his voice fits like a glove but because we also share some similar occult interests and aesthetics. He did a magnificent work, truly artful and loyal to the song’s intense storytelling. You have been warned… Like serpents from the depths we rise…”

Following Necromantia co-founder Baron Blood’s death, The Magus decided to disband Necromantia by releasing their final album “To the Depths We Descend” in 2021. But his personal musical and mystical journey did not stop there. His inner flame which urges him to create dark and original extreme art, expressed through music and lyrics never ceased to burn. So, in the summer of 2022 The Magus decided to give birth to a new musical project, entitled simply and appropriately, The Magus.

Joined by longtime associates, El (Soulskinner, Zaratus, Thou Art Lord, Principality of Hell etc) on guitars and Maelstrom (Necromantia, Yoth Iria, Thou Art Lord, Principality of Hell etc) on drums in order to complete the formula and start working on material for the upcoming album to be released later this year.

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