Independent sales, marketing and distribution company Republic of Music has signed a deal with world-leading distribution management platform Labelcamp.

The partnership will allow Republic of Music to manage its digital supply chain and benefit from advanced analytics dashboards. Developed by global artist and label services company IDOL, Labelcamp sees Republic of Music join a list of partners that includes [PIAS], Because Music, Concord Music Group and Ditto Music.

Republic of Music’s catalogue of over 10,000 products has already been fully migrated into the Labelcamp app. Its label partners are now able to upload new releases, manage catalogue, and access daily trend analytics through Labelcamp’s white-label dashboard. Meanwhile, Republic of Music’s operations and marketing teams are already using Labelcamp to manage release submissions from partners and ensure their efficient delivery to DSPs with complete and accurate metadata.

Founded in 2007, Republic of Music works with a diverse roster of international artists, labels and brands. Its label clients include City Slang, Full Time Hobby, Ghostly, LateNightTales, Sacred Bones Records, Saddle Creek, Strut Records, and many more. Partnering with Labelcamp will help Republic of Music further empower its growing family of labels with state-of-the-art tools to manage their digital releases and provide deep analysis of their daily consumption on music services.

Upcoming releases from Republic of Music’s label partners include Enter Shikari, David Holmes, HMLTD, Dream Wife, Boo Radleys, Teleman, Louis VI, ARXX, and The Saxophones.

For Labelcamp, the partnership with Republic of Music is the latest in a string of international signings that includes distributors based in growing markets such as Ewway (China), Kahuna (Turkey), Lujo Network (Brazil), and WMMusicDistribution (Hungary).

Alongside the recent expansion of its Frontend Dev, Support and Business teams to support its rapid growth, Labelcamp has recently completed a move to full cloud infrastructure in order to ensure the long-term reliability and scalability of its services.

Nicolas Safieh, Head of Business Development at Labelcamp, said: “We are very proud of welcoming such a respectable, established music services company as Republic of Music. Their focus on quality perfectly matches our ambition at Labelcamp to provide the most excellent suite of supply chain and analytics tools in the market, addressing the needs of labels and distributors with high demands.”

Alex Gatt, Republic of Music’s Digital Director, added: “By choosing Labelcamp as our technology partner for distribution, we want to ensure that we provide our labels with access to the most efficient tools and comprehensive insights into consumption across all DSPs. With the Republic of Music team already using Labelcamp’s platform to manage our own digital operations, we hope this will also allow us to continue giving our clients the highest levels of service and attention as we continue to grow.”

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About Republic of Music

Republic of Music (ROM) is an independent sales, marketing and distribution company, offering global sales and distribution services for artists, brands and labels across both digital and physical formats. These services are offered to a diverse roster of labels such as City Slang, Lucky Number, Moshi Moshi Records, SO Recordings, Full Time Hobby / Hassle, Strut, Ghostly, Sacred Bones, Late Night Tales, Saddle Creek, Secret City, Melodies International, Laced, Xenomania and more.

About Labelcamp

Labelcamp is a world-leading distribution management platform used by some of the biggest names in independent music. Developed by global artist and label services company IDOL, Labelcamp provides a scalable, state-of-the-art service that streamlines catalogue and digital supply chain management, as well as providing in-depth modern analytics dashboards and reporting.

Designed to handle large volumes and complex operational needs, Labelcamp provides a white-label interface offering top-quality user experience and design. The application runs on a REST API, allowing distributors to fully automate content and delivery management from their own systems and have analytics data integrated into their dashboards.

With fifteen years of continuous development, Labelcamp has built a reputation as the technology partner of choice for clients including [PIAS], Because Music, Concord Music Group and Ditto Music. It is a preferred content delivery provider for Spotify, Apple and MERLIN, connecting its partners with hundreds of digital service providers, from the likes of Amazon, Meta and YouTube to local and niche platforms worldwide.