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Lake of Tears’ Daniel Brennare Sets Sail on Solo Voyage with “The Secrets of the Rain”

To be released digitally and on limited 7” vinyl via The Circle Music as part of Lake of Tears’ “Forever Autumn” boxset

Athens, Greece, 15th April 2024 Lake of Tears guitarist and composer Daniel Brennare embarks on a new sonic adventure with the release of “The Secrets of the Rain” (Movement I), his first solo composition.

Watch a video to the music here:

This instrumental, orchestral track marks a significant departure for Brennare, showcasing his talents outside the realm of the acclaimed gothic metal band. “The Secrets of the Rain” also serves as the debut release on Brennare’s own label, roQon, and will be available on all major digital platforms.

Listen to the track via digital platforms:

Brennare has hinted at a “second movement coming still, and then some,” suggesting that “The Secrets of the Rain” may blossom into a larger work. For fans seeking a physical memento, the complete composition is included in the limited Forever Autumn Boxset from The Circle Music, available here, as a 7” vinyl.

The Circle Music express their deepest gratitude to Lake of Tears and Brennare’s fans for their “great love, trust and understanding” throughout the creative process, particularly in light of unforeseen health challenges that Brennare has recently faced, which has resulted in a delay in the release of the limited 7” vinyl.

As The Circle Music states, “there are far more important things in life than meeting a release date. Certainly, one of them is a composer’s health and vision.”

“The Secrets of the Rain” is a testament to Brennare’s artistic spirit and unwavering dedication to his craft. Experience this captivating composition for yourself and set your imagination adrift in a world of sonic wonder.

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