Licensable music marketplace Wavetick launches with industry-leading sales shares for creators and instant payouts

The platform’s unique purchase tiers provide customiable rights and terms for a quick and easy process for both sellers and buyers/music users.

London, 2nd April 2024 Wavetick—the online marketplace empowering music sellers and buyers with the simplest customisable licensing process and fastest industry-leading payments—has announced the launch of its full product following a comprehensive Beta phase. The company, founded by renowned music tech entrepreneur Sharooz Raoofi, is disrupting traditional models in this space by providing a minimum 87.5% creator-seller sales income and super-simplified licensing capabilities, also benefiting music users/buyers.

Also an artist and music-maker, Sharooz understands that multitudes of beats, loops and songs never generate income and/or remain undiscovered. Wavetick’s quick and simple open marketplace solution helps creator-sellers utilise their works while protecting their core rights and ensuring a fair balance of revenue, with unique terms that mean all parties can share in publishing.

Having already attracted some 600,000 individual sound sample downloads in the short time since going live, the creator-created, creator-friendly platform has no upfront cost and enables sellers to receive instant payouts via their own Paypal account, keep minimum 87.5% of license fees, keep core rights, keep a share in future publishing, set their pricing and currency, and the ability to cancel selling at any time.

The platform’s unique purchase tiers empower sellers to decide on what rights to grant and what terms, via clearly defined packages across six levels, including the choice to sell works as one-off, limited edition or unlimited – facilitating a quick and easy process for both sellers and buyers/music users. Each work sold on Wavetick has custom licensable rights attached to it.

The price buyers see covers every license type. Buyers can purchase samples, and tracks to sample into derivative songs, where the publishing is split between the buyer and seller, or license in-house works for pro-use. Wavetick’s own in-house library hosts over 10,000 individual sound samples and 300 tracks with stems with one license fee that covers every usage type, with no expectations – from TikTok to pro-broadcast.

Sharooz Raoofi, Founder of Wavetick said:

“As the music industry evolves, challenging traditional models that have a stranglehold on aspiring talent is a necessity. So many talented producers and beatmakers go undiscovered, plus many creators face barriers via convoluted routes to negotiating licensing and payments. 

“My ambition with Wavetick is to put maximum control back into the hands of music-makers while remunerating them quickly and generously, and making the process super-simple for music buyers/users too. Wavetick is an outlet for all that work sitting on a hard drive, a multi-faceted way to generate income for music makers on their own terms, while still retaining the rights to their music.” 

Wavetick is based in the UK and its team has experts from over 30 countries.

About Wavetick
Founded in 2023 by renowned artist, producer and entrepreneur Sharooz Raoofi, Wavetick is the licensable music marketplace with industry-leading direct instant payment fees and licensing made simple, disrupting traditional models in this space. Made for music-makers, by music-makers, it has an ethos of putting creators first – enabling them to buy and sell licensable musical works, keep a minimum 87.5% of revenue, join for free, receive constant payouts and retain core rights. Putting creators first. It is available in Euros, GDP and USD currencies for all global users.


About Sharooz
Sharooz Raoofi is an artist, producer and entrepreneur, working between London and Los Angeles. He is the founder of ventures including Attack Magazine, Audiaire, Dynamic Music, Principle Pleasure Studios, and Wavetick. As a founder Sharooz has seen numerous exits: often referenced as the originator of the modern sample pack, he pioneered the market for downloadable sounds with Sounds to Sample, acquired by Beatport; Sample Magic, acquired by Splice in 2018; music publishing start-up Dynamic sold to BMG in 2020; Audiaire was acquired in February 2021 by Splice. 

The multi-hyphenate has recorded for the Modular and Fool’s Gold labels, remixed Grammy winners such as Moby and Robyn, created music for motion pictures including Netflix’s Baby and the Palme D’Or-nominated Rust and Bone, worked as a sound designer for Roland, Apple and Korg, worked with Red Bull Music Academy, and guest lectured at UCLA. Under the alias Principleasure, his 2019 debut LP I was Mixmag’s Electro album of the month and topped Bandcamp’s Electronica chart. Sharooz featured on the cover of DJ Magazine (ES), Future Music and Music Tech magazines, in FACT and T-Mobile’s Electronic Beats.


Wavetick is a unique two-sided marketplace enabling the easy purchase or sale of copyright-free beats with clear, flexible terms.