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Los Angeles Indie Rock Trio CHEEKFACE Sign To Alcopop! Records

New B-Sides EP Emphatically Mo' Released 22nd September 2021

London, UK, 22nd September 2021 Alcopop! Records are delighted to announce that they have signed fast-rising Los Angeles indie rock trio Cheekface, who release their new b-sides EP Emphatically Mo’ on 22nd September 2021.

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A great place to start your own Cheekface odyssey, new single ‘Ted Talk City’ is out now and available to stream on all good digital service providers.

On the signing, Alcopop! Records label manager Jack Clothier says: “I think it was Eddie from Art Brut who first alerted me to Cheekface, and I was instantly hooked. Like, really hooked. I bought the amazing tri-coloured ‘Emphatically No.’ vinyl from Specialist Subject and chatted Cheekface in those most in-depth of indie snob Whatsapp groups before venturing a little greeting on Twitter, in a typically English fashion of course. ‘Ace record. Been really enjoying it. If you ever fancy chatting to labels in the UK, do drop us a line ♡ Much love.’”

“Now we’re working together on this EP and I couldn’t be happier. What a special band. I saw them described as ‘Pavement if their whole catalogue was like Stereo, or Parquet Courts singing chirpy tunes’. It’s not chat without merit, but there’s so much nuance and wit here. AH YES. Just listen.”

Following hot on the heels of their critically-acclaimed debut album Emphatically No. released in January 2021 on New Professor Records, the new EP is a collection of extra previously-unreleased material from the album writing sessions.

Commenting on the EP, front man Greg Katz said: “We started recording the Emphatically No. album without enough songs, and we ended up with too many. So a few tunes fell under the axe that swung to keep a good flow in the track sequence and make the record short enough for a 12-inch LP. Not every song is your best song, and b-sides definitely aren’t, with the possible exception of Booker T’s ‘Green Onions.’ But with these four tracks, me and Mandy were definitely exploring the same themes of loneliness, futility, insomnia and Diet Coke as the rest of the album, so I think they make a pretty good companion.”

Cheekface are a band influenced by the great American talk-singers like Lou Reed, Jonathan Richman and Stephen Malkmus, British post-punk bands like Wire and The Fall, and proto-indie bands like The dB’s and Minutemen.

Alongside their more apparent influences, the trio chart their own course with their self-effacing, openhearted lyrics that set the mundanity of daily life against the backdrop of our chaotic world, as on aforementioned new single ‘Ted Talk City’, when Katz blurts out: “What was so bad about the ground you had to cover it with fake grass? Broken printer, improve your life, how hard is it to wash your hands.”

The story starts in 2018, when the band’s second single ‘Dry Heat/Nice Town’—a playful pub rock tune about leftist protest culture—created an underground hubbub. It anchored the band’s debut album Therapy Island, released by the New Professor label in March 2019. In the wake of that album, Cheekface’s followup singles and sing along, everyone-in-the-audience-climbs-on-the-stage shows created a word-of-mouth cult around the band’s sideways lyrics, catchy choruses, and windows-down grooves.

Over the course of 2019 and 2020 Cheekface recorded second LP Emphatically No., released in January 2021 on New Professor. Paste Magazine called the record “essential listening” and it bowed out as Bandcamp’s top-selling alternative album.

New EP Emphatically Mo’ is released 22nd September 2021 via Alcopop! Records

Cheekface US Tour Dates:

22.09.21 – Seattle – The Vera Project
23.09.21 – Portland – Doug Fir Lounge
25.09.21 – Boise – Treefort Music Festival
02.10.21 – Los Angeles – The Echo Sat
09.10.21 – Philadelphia – PhilaMOCA
10.10.21 – Boston – Sonia Mon
11.10.21 – Brooklyn – Zone One
13.10.21 – Washington, DC – Songbyrd
14.10.21 – Pittsburgh – The Funhouse at Mr. Smalls
15.10.21 – Columbus – Big Room
16.10.21 – Chicago – Schubas

Tickets on sale now:

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