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LOVELOST sign to Year Of The Rat Records

LOVELOST release their debut single and sign to UK label Year Of The Rat Records

UK , 7th March 2024


LOVELOST are a quartet from the South West, UK. LOVELOST intertwines the nostalgic essence of old-school emo music with a modern twist, carving a unique space within the alternative rock scene by creating a refreshing yet emotive experience. The band release their debut single ‘Burnbright’ on the 8th March 2024 on label Year Of The Rat Records.

Tobias Faulkner – “‘Burnbright’ paints a sonorous canvas of poignant loss. The song resonates with the ache of unspoken words and the wish for a chance to rewrite a final goodbye. ‘Burnbright’ is an emotional journey into the depths of loss and of ‘what if’s.’ In this song, LOVELOST delicately explores the ache of hindsight, capturing the universal sentiment of wishing we could have done more to save someone we love. The melodies and lyrics create a visceral experience that resonates with anyone who has grappled with the profound impact of loss. It’s a tribute to the complexities of human connection and the lingering echoes of love that remain, even in the face of goodbye.”

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