Marta Zgrzywa and Damian Słonina elected to ZAiKS Board, Magdalena Cuprzyńska joins Auditing Committee

IMPF welcomes first publisher representation at Polish Society of Authors and Composers

Brussels, 18th July 2022 IMPF welcomes the election of publishing representatives to the Board and Audit Committee of the Polish Society of Authors and Composers (ZAiKS) after 20-years of campaigning.

Schubert Music Publishing’s Marta Zgrzywa and Rebel Publishing’s Damian Słonina have both been added to the ZAiKS Board, with ABKCO Music International’s Magdalena Cuprzyńska sitting as the publisher member on the ZAiKS Audit Committee.

It was confirmed by law in September last year that music publishers would be included in the membership of ZAiKS.

The landmark moment came after 20-years of campaigning led by the Polish PSWM (Music Publishing Association), including Schubert Music’s Andreas Schubert, Golba Music’s Paulina Golba (both members of IMPF), Anna Laskowska of SonyATV and with the support of many individual publishers internationally, alongside the advocacy of CISAC and IMPF.

The full member status will mean that music publishers can have a positive impact on the management and direction of ZAiKS going forward, enhancing its operation and influence in the market.

Prior to this latest development, music publishers had representation agreements with ZAiKS but were not full members.

Founded in 1918, ZAiKS is the biggest collective copyright management organization in Poland and, indeed, one of the biggest societies in Europe.

IMPF President Annette Barrett said: “This is a great moment for ZAiKS and its members, who will benefit immensely from the perspective and expertise that music publishers bring to the table. We congratulate Marta, Damian and Magdalena on their new, ground-breaking positions. They have IMPF’s full support.”

Paulina Golba said: “We are delighted to see Marta, Damian and Magdalena join the ZAiKS Board and Audit Committee in what is a long-overdue change to publishers’ representation at the society. We hope that the new Board and structure will allow us to be more active in creating services benefiting all our authors.”


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